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Heroes & Cowards – The Pentagram of Power
Heroes & CowardsHe just wanted a comfy-chiller night in front of his TV when our hero was cast into a distant, medieval world by a mysterious force. The inhabitants of the cozy little country of Dartenwood were turned to stone by nasty magician Morlon – and only the Pentagram of Power can break the spell. However, its rubies are scattered throughout the land ... All of Dartenwood's hopes are now resting on a chosen one who's supposed to get everything under control. By some inexplicable cosmic twist of fate, YOU'RE supposed to be the one! Your journey from zero to hero includes a whole lot of jeopardies and unsolvable riddles – are you up for it? Are you a hero – or a coward?

Ordering the game:
Boxed Edition
Digital Download

Minimum system requirements:
C64 or C128 in C64 mode, 1541/1571 Floppy.

Also compatible with:
1541 Ultimate

This game is PAL only.

Over 20 years after their sensational Brubaker, Sebastian Broghammer and Steve Kups celebrate their triumphant comeback on the Commodore 64 in cooperation with Out of Order Softworks and Protovision. "Heroes & Cowards – The Pentagram of Power" is the adventure maniacs' long lost and eagerly anticipated magnum opus and was presented on time for Gamescom 2015.


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Produced by: Byteriders and Out of Order Softworks
Distribution: Protovision
Author: Steve Kups und Sebastian Broghammer
Program: Sebastian Broghammer, Stephan Lesch and Helfried Peyrl
Interpretercode: Steve Kups
Graphics: Phillip Bergmann and Martin Schemitsch
Sound: Stefan Hartwig and Taxim

Status updates:

Heroes & Cowards Re-stocked!
(News written on 02.07.2021)

The wonderful point ’n‘ click adventure game Heroes & Cowards is now back in stock. Receiving critical acclaim by Reset 64 and Commodore Free magazines, Heroes & Cowards is a highly accessible adventure game featuring atmospheric location graphics and a great story narrative. Presented in our usual high quality packaging, this is a must have for collectors of modern C64 games. Grab your box now!

Reissue of Heroes & Cowards
(News written on 19.01.2019)

We have reissued Heroes & Cowards! Now it comes in our standard carton box on Disk (PAL only). Also included is the extensive manual with background story and Byteriders interview. Buy here.

Fresh Heroes & Cowards available
(News written on 16.09.2016)

Due to the high demand, we have reproduced Heroes & Cowards again.

The noble steel box edition with its translucent disk sleeve, thick manual including a Byteriders interview and pentagram keychain in now available again in its unusually beautiful metal casing.


More Protovision games at
(News written on )

As we cannot sell downloads to non-Germany-based-customers through our shop, we started to offer our downloads also via where they are available to everyone.

Now, *all* Protovision downloads are also available on our page!

We also created PC/OSX Emubundle versions of most of the games so you have the possibility to run the games on such unworthy computers more easily.


NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Scene World #26
(News written on 15.05.2016)

The PAL & NTSC disk magazine Scene World #26 has been released recently, and you can also find a video review of Heroes & Cowards there (and a text version of that review).

You may download SWO #26 from

Or you can read it directly online via a web emulator:


And here is the video review of Heroes & Cowards:


Reset Magazine #08 Released – with a Focus on Adventures
(News written on 23.02.2016)

The eighth release of the English language magazine "Reset" has a focus on Adventure games.

We’re featured twice in this particular issue: with D42, and with Heroes & Cowards by Out of Order Softworks.

Heroes & Cowards scored 9 out of 10 points for its great graphics, entertaining story, and its interesting locations and items – and was rated “Reset… RIPPER!”
The catchy soundtrack was popular with the testers as well.

Not to forget the D42-Adventure System that allows you to easily build your own graphical adventure for the C64; programming skills not required. The D42-Adventure System scored 8 out of 10 points in their test.

You’ll find these and many more interesting tests, information and C64 game news in the current issue – get it right here:


Heroes & Cowards – soundtrack now available separately in PTV store!
(News written on 22.12.2015)

Check out our jukebox and listen to the soundtrack by Stefan Hartwig and Taxim – and get the free download of Roland Kaiser Wilhelm’s remix! Enjoy listening. The digital soundtrack is now available separately at PTV store or at


Fresh at the retro newsstand
(News written on )

In the latest edition of Return Magazine, you will find a big feature of “Heroes & Cowards”, including the game’s review and an exhausive Byteriders interview. Available now for sale in any well-equipped newsstand or directly via the magazine’s website.


Heroes & Cowards for PC, Mac and C64!
(News written on 29.11.2015)

Finally for sale everywhere: “Heroes & Cowards – The Pentagram Of Power” as a digital download for PC, Mac and C64 – the premium edition even includes the entire mastered soundtrack complete with bonus tracks.


Welcome back to Dartenwood!
(News written on 23.10.2015)


After the first batch of Heroes & Cowards has sold out in no time, the game is finally available again at Protovision shop. Once more, we’re talking limited stock – visiting our shop as soon as possible is thus very much recommended to all lovers of humorous graphic adventures in elaborately designed boxes!

A brand new release for your Commodore 64: Heroes & Cowards – The Pentagram of Power
(News written on 22.08.2015)

Finally it’s here: the Byteriders‘ Heroes & Cowards sees the light of the day on the C64! There will be two different boxed editions which will be available immediately!

Heroes Test 2

The Hero-Edition will be the more luxurious of this lost Byteriders adventure. A unique edition limited to 50 copies, the game on disk does not only come in a classy, hand-numbered steel box including an extensive handbook and a keychain but also provides you with Dartenwood’s citizenship of honor. This does include a sealed certificate, the game’s digitally mastered soundtrack album on CD with additional tracks and the precious pentagram amulet with the sorcerers‘ five magic gems.

Cowards Test 1

The more economical standard edition (the so-called Coward-Editon) comes in a classy steel box with manual, disk and keychain, too. Alas, you will have to do without Dartenwood’s citizenship of honor as well as the soundtrack album and the amulet.

The limited 50 copies of the luxurious Hero-Edition will be sold for 55 Euros, the Coward-Edition will be as cheap as 35 Euros. Due to the elaborate production, not all copies of the limited editions will be immediately available in the shop. We will keep restocking.

Ascetics who can do without haptics will have to wait another two weeks until the digital release. In return, digital money savers will have the choice between a Standard-Download including a D64 image and the handbook in PDF format and a digital Premium-Download for the first time. The latter will additionally include the mastered digital soundtrack album in MP3 format and some exclusive bonus tracks for the game with a playing time of more than 50 minutes.

Heroes & Cowards on Gamescom
(News written on 06.08.2015)

The brand new adventure game from Byteriders and Out of Order Softworks will finally be released: on Gamescom!

Out of Order Softworks will have their own glorious booth and will await you in hall 10.2, so be sure to drop them a visit and be one of the first proud owners of the splendid Heroes & Cowards adventure!

Heroes & Cowards will also be available from the Protovision online shop a few weeks after Gamescom.

Out of Order Vitrine

Out of Order Vitrine Urkunde und Handbuch Out of Order Stand Out of Order Heroes and Cowards

Out of Order Spielplatz

Out of Order Goldener C64

Be there at the big release party of the new Byteriders adventure “Heroes & Cowards”!
(News written on 28.07.2015)

On Friday, August 7th, 2015 we’ll celebrate the release of the new C64 graphic adventure “Heroes & Cowards” together with the lads of Adventure Treff.
In the nice and cozy atmosphere of Poller Strandbar in Cologne we’ll read out parts of the Byteriders’ last will and testament – and then present to you the lost gem in proper style on a golden C64!
All interested aficionados of adventures and the C64 are hereby cordially invited!
We’re expecting a couple of VIPs from today’s C64 scene as well as from back in the days, such as Ron Gilbert, Chris Hülsbeck and Andreas Escher.
Needless to say, you are also granted admission without tickets for gamescom.
Doors are 5pm. Address: Alfred-Schütte-Allee 34, 51105 Köln.
We’re looking forward to your visit!

Adventure Treff Party 2015

Gamescom meets Heroes … & Cowards!
(News written on 23.07.2015)


It’s not even 13 days until the world’s biggest fair for video games opens its doors and thus the new Byteriders adventure “Heroes & Cowards” for the C64 will be released!
All you collectors out there can pace your hearts to faster beats and coat your family jewels in silver – word has it that there will be an extraordinary, exclusive version of the long lost graphic adventure … An especially opulent piece of art for your home cabinet – or your Swiss bank depository. 😉
More news to follow!

The legendary Byteriders are back!
(News written on 05.06.2015)

Back in the game - called Heroes & Cowards!

Over 20 years after their sensational Brubaker, Sebastian Broghammer and Steve Kups celebrate their triumphant comeback on the Commodore 64 in cooperation with Out of Order Softworks and Protovision. Heroes & Cowards – The Pentagram of Power is the adventure maniacs‘ long lost and eagerly anticipated magnum opus and will be released on time for Gamescom 2015. More news to come!

Breaking News!
(News written on 01.06.2015)



Heroes & Cowards – The Pentagram of Power
(News written on 10.09.2013)

If you like the Byteriders‘ adventure games, rejoice!

Years ago a rumor made the rounds – something about an unreleased graphic adventure by the makers of “Crime Time” and “Brubaker”. At least, we can confirm: it’s all true!

Out of Order Softworks have taken it upon them to finish the game. They are just going through the last few steps necessary before the official release.

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