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Snacks 4 Snakes
Snacks 4 Snakes Snacks 4 Snakes is a new version of the classic Tron. However, this time there are no futuristic motorcycles running on life and death, but Snakes who must be fed with delicious snacks. The game is not over if one of the opponents is touched or pushed against an obstacle. This time the difficulty is to eat the delicious snacks before the opponent does it, so that your own snake continues to grow, while the opponents snake will decrease. If your opponent has starved to death, you have won the game and it goes on to the next round.

Minimum system requirements:
C64 or C128 in C64 mode, 1541/1571 Floppy, 2 to 4 Joysticks.
With the 4 Player Interface from Protovision you can play this game even with four players at the same time.

Also compatible with:
1541 Ultimate, SD2IEC, uIEC/SD, IEC-ATA, MMC Replay, MMC64, 1581, CMD FD, CMD HD, CMD RAMLink, IDE64.
This game is PAL and partially NTSC compatible! On NTSC machines, the game music might playback too fast.

Protovision has released this game as freeware! This means that you can download it here at no cost and completely legal.

The fun starts
Let me out
... and the winner is ...

CODE: Tim Jakob Chen-Voos
GRAPHICS: Johann Janssen
MUSIC: Richard Bayliss

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