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The Wild Wood

The Wild Wood

The Wild Wood is about to become one of the most beautiful games to ever grace the Commodore 64.
It is a story based platform game with multidirectional scrolling and adventure elements.
Help a young hare navigate through moonlit fields, ancient ruins, cavernous warrens and creepy graveyards on your way into the wild wood. Explore magnificent cathedrals and venture deep into the ominous wild woods themselves!


  • Graphic heavy with extremely beautiful pixelwork
  • Varying gameplay with level specific features
  • Huge multi-directional platform levels
  • Fast paced horizontally scrolling sections
  • (Presumably) 15 levels plus big boss encounters
  • Game progress saved on cartridge

Development status:
In development

Concept and Graphics: John Henderson
Coding: Achim Volkers, Pi Manuel, Artur Bujdoso, Kodiak
Production and Distribution: Protovision


The Wild Wood Intro The Wild Wood Title The Wild Wood Chase The Wild Wood Inside the Temple of Tiers The Wild Wood Cathedral The Wild Wood the Temple of Tiers The Wild Wood Meeting the Ancient Rabbit

More information:

Wild Wood now has its own website with many drawings and more details about the game!

Status updates:

Wild Wood Game Site Launched
(News written on 27.10.2020)

John Henderson (aka Hend/Protovision) has launched the official Wild Wood website, providing access to the latest development news of this beautiful looking platform adventure game for the C64. As a bonus, Hend has announced that he will give away an exclusive C64 bitmap image to anyone who subscribes to the Wild Wood newsletter. Support Wild Wood on Ko-Fi!

Currently In Development: The Wild Wood
(News written on 18.08.2020)

Have you heard of our upcoming platformer The Wild Wood? This game is set to become one of the most beautiful games to ever grace the C64. Have a look at our new In Development page where you can following its development progression right up to the time we will release it.

Wild Wood: Temple of Tears screen reveal
(News written on 06.05.2020)

Our upcoming game project Wild Wood is making good progress and Hend has revealed a couple of marvellous pictures for the area of the game referred to as Temple of Tears.

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