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SuperPLA V3

SuperPLASuperPLA by individual Computers is a replacement part for the Commodore PLA chips which are based on the 82S100 chip. The PLA chip often breaks on the old Commodore computers and will keep the whole computer from working. SuperPLA V3 reproduces exact functions from the original chip.

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BIOS/ROM Version: n/a
Manual: n/a
Developer info: n/a

SuperPLA V3 is a replacement for the original PLA of the following Commodore computers:

  • Commodore 64 (old model)
    • Assy no. 326298, socket U17
    • Assy no. 250407, socket U17
    • Assy no. 250425, socket U17
    • Assy no. 250466, socket U17
      • Assy no. 250469 is not supported!

  • C16, socket U16
  • C116, socket U101
  • Plus/4, socket U19
  • Floppy-Cartridge 1551
  • CBM 610, socket U18
  • CBM 710, socket U18
  • Commodore PET, socket UE5

The target computer is set by jumpers.

For Commodore 64 use this jumper settings (2+4):
SuperPLA Jumper C64

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