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Metal Dust - The Enemies
Nothing is like before... The secret clan, which also Commander LaserRay's long-dead father was a member of, already had collected an amazing amount of data describing the route from the old Earth to the New World, and also knew many of the obstacles that block the way. There are big distances to cross between those obstacles, and to reach the first one you have to fly several lightyears at warp speed. But there are four areas full of deadly threats you cannot evade. Also there is some data about monsters you have to defeat until you can reach the goal...

Area 1 - Asteroid Belt Alpha 3
This is said to be one of the most avoided areas of the whole universe. Nearby pulsars produce high gravity forces that move the asteroids around at high speeds. It is rumoured that the headquarters of the Rogue Pirate Empire is located there - because nobody ever comes near the asteroid belt, the pirates are feeling save there. 300 years ago there was an attempt of a special force to attack the pirates. But most of the ships were destroyed by asteroids, although they had modern navigation systems. Some of the best pilots managed to get to the headquarters, but they reported the mobile and stationery defense systems to be too strong to break through. Nobody knows if there still are some of those systems today.

Area 2 - Space Station Bassruti VI
The Space Station Bassruti VI surely is the biggest artificial object in space. It was built 150 years ago by a cooperation of Humans, Eloy and Krt'au. It has been a home for millions of refugees of the Delta Wars as well as a gigantic shipyard and factory for planetary Walkers. The latter have been mainly developed by Professor Cygnus and his staff, who invented Walker types designed for ressource collecting, terraforming or wiping out whole continents, including their inhabitants. Unfortunately, after seven years of successful cooperation, a conflict between Humans and Krt'au arose. The peaceful Eloy immediately left the station; important positions could no longer be maintained. Humans and Krt'au could not reach an agreement, and after a long war the space station was left behind in chaos.

Area 3 - Home of Species 8173
This is a gigantic area in space, controlled by a single race. Officially it is called Species 8173, but the pilots of the Fifth Fleet always call them "The Butchers". No universal translator has ever been able to establish a communication with them, and ambassadors of many races had to return without any result - if they returned. Weapons and ships of this species are totally foreign, and it has not yet been possible to develop defenses against their weapons. The War Department never thought about attacking. Peaceful attempts to get in contact have been cancelled years ago.

Area 4 - Thalian Center of Temporal Research
The Thalian race had existed billions of years ago and then vanished completely without leaving behind any hint for the reasons. They were focusing on doing temporal research. As far as we know, this quadrant offers perfect conditions for time and dimension jumps because of its subspace structure. It is not known what has happened to the installations of the Thalians. Maybe they are still there, only existing in another dimension of time and space...?

Some enemies that you may meet
Metal Dust is tough. However, if you are brave enough, you might be able to reach some very dangerous places...

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