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Metal Dust (Download)

Metal Dust (Download)

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This item is available immediately!

Metal Dust - An Overview:

  • Seven different weapon systems
  • Single or dual player mode
  • Four really big levels with a lot of small, many medium and some very big enemies
  • Giant end monsters with different attack behaviour
  • Overlay color graphic objects and lots of other nice graphical effects
  • More than 1000 blocks of digi music data per level, exclusively composed by the band Welle:Erdball
  • Digi music will be played with very high CIA rate
  • Realtime mixing of digis for explosions and game effects
  • Really soft parallax scrolling with high speed areas
  • High end sprite multiplexer that still runs stable while playing high quality digi music
  • Outro sequences with brilliant graphics

Attention: Metal Dust requires a SuperCPU with RamCard and at least 4MB of RAM.
Since version 3.0, the VICE emulator also features a SuperCPU emulation called xscpu64. Now it is possible to play Metal Dust with this emulator (you need a 1581 JiffyDOS-Image (commercial)). Link to VICE with SuperCPU support:

System requirements:

  • a Commodore 64 with Heavy Duty Power Supply or a Commodore 128
  • a 3,5" floppy drive (FD-2000, FD-4000 or 1581)
  • a CMD SuperCPU 20 MHz Accelerator with SuperRAM Card (at least 4 MB)
  • and of course a monitor or TV as well as one or two joysticks.
Metal Dust (Download)Metal Dust (Download)Metal Dust (Download)

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English customer reviews:

Author: Richard B. am 2014-05-02
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


Being a fan of shoot 'em ups on the Commodore 64. I didn't realize what I missed nearly 10 years ago. Since a I bought this game as a digital download about a couple of days ago.

Each level of difficulty in the game depends on the number of lives you get at the start of the game. The presentation feels like the good old C64 classics such as Katakis/Denaris, Enforcer both by Manfred Trenz. The game loading time can be decreased using Warp mode in VICE with SCPU build emulation.

The game, itself has very stunning graphics, excellent title music. The in game music and sound effects are completely different to how a C64 should sound - but it gives a great arcade feeling to it. It has now become one of my all time favorite C64 shoot 'em ups since R-Type and Armalyte. Well done guys. The long wait of nearly 10 years was most and definitely worth it :)

Author: Nicola P. am 2013-11-12
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


I've been waiting to try Metal Dust for years now but the unavailability of the SuperCPU hardware was a bit problem. I had to run it on the emulator for this which sucks but at least I could get it in RGB on my 15khz CRT display.

The game itself is great, the music by my favorite band Welle:Erdball simply perfect for the gameplay. Graphix is pixel perfect and the speed in breathtaking.! The were some artifact with sound but I'm sure it's because I didnt' set the audio properly.

It's a pity that winvice stretches the image, it's not easy to get a good full screen without tricks :(

I made a short video of this wonderful experience :)


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