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It's Magic 2

Its Magic 2

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Stock: 33 units!

It's Magic 2 (a Protovision game from 2001) has now been rewritten to work from cartridge. The cartridge includes a few special features, like
  • a possibility to jump via fire button instead of by pressing up
  • a difficulty level selector

Aaaaand finally, It's Magic 2 is now available as an exquisite boxed edition, celebrating 20 years of It's Magic!
Also, for the first time ever, we have transformed the main character of the game into a small action figure!

The boxes include:

Disk Edition
  • the original game on disk
  • a hand drawn overview map of the 5 islands that you travel through in the game
  • an A5 manual with additional hand drawn graphics. Any similarities to Nintendo manuals is purely accidential.
  • a custom made 3D action figure of Tom Tatze, the main character of the game (colors may vary)

Cartridge Edition
  • the enhanced cartridge version of the game
  • all items included in the disk edition (except for the disk)

Combined Disk and Cartridge Edition
  • all items mentioned above
  • an additional sleeve around the box. Any similarities to Epyx game boxes is purely accidential.

Also available is the
Complete Soundtrack of It's Magic
  • all musics from It's Magic 1 and It's Magic 2 are included on CD

All physical editions also include the Download package of the game. The download includes both the disk and the cartridge version (as GMod2 files, in English and Spanish).

Compatibility: It's Magic 2 requires a PAL system.
The disk version is compatible with the C64 mini and all disk drives or C64 card readers.
The cartridge version is compatible with Vice 3.1+ and kernal64, but not with other emulators or EasyFlash.

Its Magic 2Its Magic 2Its Magic 2Its Magic 2Its Magic 2Its Magic 2Its Magic 2Its Magic 2

Product features

Compatibility:PAL, THE64 Mini/Maxi

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