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Kerberos MIDI & file transfer interface **preorder**

Kerberos MIDI & file transfer interface **preorder**

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This item is temporarily not available!

ATTENTION: This is a preorder. The "in stock"-value shows how many preorders we are currently willing to accept.

Kerberos is a versatile cartridge that has:
  • 2MB flash ROM
  • 128kb RAM
  • 3 MIDI interfaces (IN - THRU - OUT)
Its main features are:
  • Via a MIDI-USB cable you can transfer files seamlessly between your PC/Mac and your C64.
    It is even possible to start a program automatically that you are transferring from your PC/Mac directly into the C64's memory!
  • Kerberos is a full-fledged MIDI interface, that means you can attach regular MIDI peripheral to your C64 now, for example MIDI compatible keyboards or synthesizers.
  • You can also save programs into the flash ROM of Kerberos. Amongst other things, it supports the EasyFlash format!

In addition to all that, Kerberos comes preinstalled with professional software:
  • Sequencer software Pro-16 from Steinberg. Here is a link to its documentation.
  • SID Wizard 1.7 from hermit. This version supports MIDI. (More info)
  • a special MIDI version of CynthcartHere is a quick reference guide for its keys and MIDI CC commands.
  • the game Joe Gunn, the Gold Edition (thank you to Psytronik and Endurion for the permission!)
For programmers:
  • You can of course also make use of the additional RAM of Kerberos in your own programs (developer dokumentation is available)

CAUTION: There are MIDI cables in the market that do not work properly. The cables we offer are tested to work fine with Kerberos and the included software.

English customer reviews:

Author: Daren A. am 2020-08-06
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


Brilliant product, very well made, great software, and works flawlessly, highly recommended.

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