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Space Bundle

Space Bundle

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Hunter's Moon Remastered:
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Space Moguls:
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Stock: 47 units!

Our Space Bundle 2019: Hunter's Moon Remastered AND Space Moguls  - for a reduced price and only this winter!

Details for Hunter's Moon Remastered:

Thalamus is back on the stage and brings us Hunter's Moon Remastered - an overhauled version of an unusual shmup classic!


Originally released in 1987, Hunter's Moon is a strategic shoot 'em up set in deep space. Beautifully presented and thoughtfully designed, the game became an instant classic thanks to its measured balance of strategic planning and psychotic blasting. Boasting one of the earliest uses of procedurally-generated content in a computer game, Hunter's Moon pushed the boundaries of the genre and helped redefine what a shoot 'em up could be.

Hunter’s Moon Remastered is a fully remastered, overhauled, and updated version of the seminal C64 shoot ‘em up. The game has been remastered for C64 cartridge and boasts a host of amazing new features including over 50 new levels, 5 new star systems, new level types, new music, new playing modes, stunning intro and outro sequences, built-in level editor, and enhanced presentation including foreign language support.

Key Features
  • Over 180 levels spread across 21 Star Systems (including 50 new steampunkt levels by Martin Walker himself)
  • New level types including Jumpgates and Blackouts
  • Trainer Version designed for novice players
  • All-new Random Mode to test seasoned veterans
  • Automatically save your game progress to cartridge as you play
  • Stunning new intro and outro sequences (by Robin Levy and Martin Piper)
  • New in-game music (by Matt Gray!!) and enhanced parallax starfield
  • Built-in Level Editor to craft your own cunning creations
  • Multi-language support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Bonus: Original 1987 version also included in the game
  • Full PAL NTSC compatibility (Remastered Version only)

Physical Edition

Hunter's Moon Remastered has been developed exclusively for the GMod2 cartridge (that's the cartridge format developed for Sam's Journey), so the physical version is the only way to play the game on a real C64 - it is not currently possible to play the game using a 1541 Ultimate, Easyflash or SD2IEC.

The basic edition of the game comes in a clamshell case (RGCD style) that includes the following:
  • Game cartridge with save facility
  • Multi-language manual with illustrations from Oliver Frey
  • Hunter's Moon postcard
  • Thalamus Sticker
The deluxe edition also includes:
  • Original Hunter's Moon pin badges (while stocks last - they are strictly limited and will not be reproduced when sold out!)
  • Original Hunter's Moon sleeve

The digital version of this game is NOT included and can be bought separately from the page of Thalamus Digital. It can be played with the Vice 3.1 emulator on Windows or Mac (not on a C64 or mini)

Details for Space Moguls:

The only way to celebrate 35 years of M.U.L.E. is to make a C64 game as a humble tribute to the masterpiece.

In the strategy game Space Moguls, one to four players receive a space ticket and fly to an alien destination where harvesting and hoarding resources is still fun!
The game comes in a Protovision cardboard box with the following cargo included:

Disk or Cartridge Edition
- The game on disk or cartridge
- Your ticket to space
- A space trading license
- An alien lifeform (randomly selected)
- A colourful 14 page manual with beautiful drawings

Disk and Cartridge Edition
- all of the above
+ a contoured Space Moguls sticker (normal size)

Special Offer
The first 120 orders of the Space Moguls poster will also receive a supersized contoured Space Moguls sticker for free (while stocks last)!

Digital Package
Any physical edition of Space Moguls comes with a digital package that includes:
- Space Moguls as disk image (D64)
- Space Moguls as crt cartridge (Ocean format - compatible to 1541 Ultimate, EasyFlash and most emulators out there)
- the manual in digital format (PDF)
- an additional player's guide with tips and hints (PDF)

Space Moguls
runs on any standard C64 in space or onplanet (or C128 in C64 mode). It is compatible to PAL and NTSC computers. It is compatible to C64 mini.
It is compatible to 1541 Ultimate or SD2IEC. But it expects only one disk drive to be active.

Other Supported Hardware
Additional players can either use the keyboard or one of these multiplayer adapters: our own 4 player adapter, Poly.Play's Superpad or Unreal's Inception.

Space BundleSpace BundleSpace BundleSpace BundleSpace BundleSpace Bundle

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