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MW ULTRA Gold Edition

MW ULTRA Gold Edition

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Manufacturer: Protovision
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Stock: 8 units!

Every year, PROTOVISION produces an exclusive and rare special edition on a golden cartridge... is only for our supporters on Patreon or Tipeee!

To order this product, register at either Patreon (USD based) or Tipeee (Euro and other currencies available) and support Protovision with a monthly tip. Once that's done, you can order your gold edition here.

You have the following options:
  • Just Fun: you can tip us USD 2 or EUR 1 and we would be extremely happy, plus you are free to order gold editions.
  • Cheat Mode: if you tip us USD 15 or EUR 13, you'll receive all upcoming gold editions in maximum configuration without any additional costs. No need to order gold editions anymore, we'll just send them over whenever they are available.
  • Super Cheat Mode: like Cheat Mode but with the NEVER MISS A GAME AGAIN additional promise. This means that we will always reserve a copy for you of every upcoming game we sell for a couple months. No more missing a special edition of Farming Simulator, Bomb Mania or else anymore! It is USD 20 or EUR 18.


This year, we are proud to announce that MW ULTRA, the new Metal Warrior, is our next Gold Edition!

We believe that MW ULTRA will a huge success.
We are extremely happy with how the game develops thus far.
Expect a brilliant soundtrack with the game and a complex story based action adventure.

MW ULTRA will be a coop release of Psytronik and Protovision with Psytronik releasing the game on disk and Protovision handling cartridge and download editions. This is a preorder. The game will be available in mid 2020, presumably April or May.

Contents of the MW ULTRA gold cartridge edition:
  • the original game on a professional grade golden cartridge with a special anti-scratch coating
  • a Protovision cardboard box
  • a coloured A5 manual full of illustrations
  • a 74cm wide foldable map of the City - the first area you are visiting in the game
  • a MW ULTRA guitar pick
  • a MW ULTRA medpack

Optional additions:
  • MW ULTRA Soundtrack CD
  • MW ULTRA Poster

The download consists of the manual in pdf format and the game as disk and cartridge images (GMod2 and EasyFlash formats).

If you do not know the brilliant Metal Warrior game series (there are 4 installments), we recommend you to take a look at this short preview of Metal Warrior 4 to get the gist.
MW ULTRA is the story of Metal Warrior 1 retold (with a much better game engine).
You may want to read about it on the MW ULTRA development blog.


Every gold edition is available only until the next golden edition is released.

MW ULTRA Gold EditionMW ULTRA Gold EditionMW ULTRA Gold EditionMW ULTRA Gold EditionMW ULTRA Gold EditionMW ULTRA Gold EditionMW ULTRA Gold EditionMW ULTRA Gold Edition

English customer reviews:

Author: Dino am 26/08/2020
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


"Wow" should describe best what I felt playing the first 30mn of this remake.
Everything I liked about the original, but with more content, and a lot more polish.
The game looks nicer, sounds better. and the new engine is miles ahead in terms of playability.
As usual with Protovision, you can expect high standard in artwork and packaging.

I usually never write reviews, but this game made me jump right out of my cave to warn the outside world : this game will eat your free time, and you'll still ask for more !


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