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Stock: 15 units!

The alliance needs you!

Ever wanted to destroy massive space stations and uncountable enemies with a small ship for fun, profit and fame? You're at the right place - The Alliance Of Planets are hiring aspiring wannabe-heroes and veteran starfighter pilots to combat the Kobonian infiltration of our galactic territory!

The Kobonian Empire have established heavily-defended space stations within 50 different sectors that must be eliminated with extreme prejudice in order to dissuade the filthy reptiles from expanding further into Human space. Their huge maze-like structures are protected by heavy firepower and an armada of fighter craft, so vigilance is required!

Are you up to the challenge? Fame, fortune and (most likely) a hero's funeral awaits!


Back in 1981, Namco released Bosconian - an innovative 8-way scrolling shoot ‘em up that had the player facing off against enemy space stations by destroying their six external nodes individually or by firing at the inner core.

Clearly inspired by Bosconian, In 1995 Akira Higuchi created xKobo, a game that expanded upon the original concept with sprawling, maze-like space stations that could only be destroyed by shooting at core. To expose the core of the station, the nodes at the end of each ‘pipeline’ extending from the centre can be destroyed, cutting back to the next junction until a pathway to the centre is cleared.

Then, some time around the turn of the century, David Olofson released Kobo Deluxe, a huge enhancement of xKobo that extensively improved the game and which - thanks to SDL - has since been ported to just about every operating system widely used today.

Almost going full circle back to the game’s 1980’s roots, in 2013 Soci of Singular entered his Commodore 64 conversion of Kobo Deluxe into the RGCD 16KB Cartridge Game Competition. KOBO64 achieved 4th place out of 15 entries.

Tech features:
  •     50 levels with procedurally generated maps!
  •     Triple-buffered, 25FPS, 8-directional scrolling!
  •     Overwhelming number of enemies/bullets on screen!
  •     10+ enemy types!
  •     PAL/NTSC compatibility!
  •     Joystick or keyboard control!

Our opinion on Kobo64

KOBO64 is one of the most stunning shoot-em-up games ever produced for the C64.
It is huge (some of the 50 levels are really large) despite being a 16k game and has a lot of variation throughout the game as more and more different enemy types come in.
There is an overwhealming amount of enemies and bullets flying around everywhere.
It requires both skill and tactics and is underlined with a great musical score.

And finally it received a physical release that we are happy to help distribute!


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