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Planet X2.1 (Download)

Planet X2.1 (Download)

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This item is available immediately!

Destroy the enemy bases of the Protoids and clear the way for future Earth colony ships! Build factories, tanks, missiles and other units to fight the aliens and lead humans to victory!

In 2017, The 8-Bit Guy released Planet X2, the first realtime strategy game for the C64. Planet X2 was the best selling C64 game of that year (not Sam's Journey!).

We have teamed up with The 8-Bit Guy to present Planet X2.1, an enhanced version of the original game that that contains new features, such as:  
  • a completely overhauled codebase resulting in a number of game play improvements
  • the game now runs completely from cartridge
  • additional playfields - now counting 14 maps
  • 8 selectable in-game tunes
  • simultaneous in-game music and sound effects
  • new graphics from our pixel magician John Henderson (known for his artwork in The Wild Wood)
  • an achievement system, graphically represented by 42 different medals
  • achievements saved to cartridge

Contents of the digital package
  • Planet X2.1 cartridge images (gmod2 and crt, crt does not support saving of achievements)
  • Planet X2 disk image (d64)
  • The manual as PDF
Planet X2.1 is published in cooperation with The 8-Bit Guy. If you live in the Americas or Australia, please order directly from his webshop.

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