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Stock: 4 units!

BeamRacer is placed underneath the VIC-II chip and comes with a ton of features. Most prominently, it offloads the task of programming the VIC from the CPU and allows for more precise control of the graphic chip while retaining full compatibility for existing programs. It also integrates many other enhancements like LumaFix Pro and has a connector to install the component video mod also available from Protovision.

The list of features of BeamRacer is long:
  • Comes with a display list co-processor called VASYL that has its own local memory and priviledged, precisely times access to the VIC. It opens up timing critical VIC use for both assembly and BASIC programs and frees the CPU for other tasks. Rasterbars, rastersplits and a lot more can be done by BeamRacer alone, no need for CPU involvement. Think Amiga Copper on steroids.
  • BeamRacer now handles all communication from and to the VIC chip. As VASYL has its own memory and a dedicated direct connection to the VIC, the CPU does not need to be bothered with instructing the VIC at all times and thus can run at full speed most of the time (movable, animated hires bitmaps without badlines, anyone?)
  • The bitmap sequencer of the VIC becomes fully programmable, with video data coming from any location, in any order, and to any screen area (including top and bottom borders).
  • BeamRacer comes with a BASIC enhancement that lets you control and debug your VASYL code in an extremely easy way.
  • New to BeamRacer coding? BeamRacer's BASIC enhancement helps you with a VASYL disassembler and a visual memory viewer for debugging.
  • Do you like LumaFix? BeamRacer has an even more enhanced version of it, the LumaFix Pro. It removes vertical lines and brings an even clearer picture as LumaFix does.
  • GreydotKilla finally removes those pesky grey dots that you get on color splits on some C64c boards
  • On-board connector for the component video solution "VideoMod". This mod allows you to use your C64 on a TV or monitor with component video and delivery a crystal clear and colourful picture.

No soldering required on a C64 breadbin. A C64 with flat case might need soldering of a few components in order to be able to close the case after installation.

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