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MixSID (Double-SID board)

MixSID (Double-SID board)

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Stock: 3 units!

Welcome to MixSID by Henning Liebenau (formerly Henning Bekel)!

MixSID is probably the most versatile Double-SID board. It can handle any combination of SID chips, has an integrated stereo channel mixer, a pragmatic stereo addressing scheme, flexible handling of IO areas, onboard audio input, output and digiboost circuits, dedicated stereo output, full paddle compatibility and flexible digital control. In short, MixSID not only provides a Double-SID solution for you, it also gives you control over details such as volume balance for each SID individually and of digi sounds, the addressing space for each SID and so on and so forth. You can change settings using the online configuration utility (see screenshot).
Including clip cables so that the installation can be performed without soldering.

For more detailed information on MixSID and installation instructions, please head over to Henning's website.

If you also need SID chips, get the version with ARM2SID. This version of ARM2SID can simply be placed inside the two SID sockets and you're done!
Additional soldering/clipping is required only if you want to use the 3rd SID or the SFX option.

  • stereo in any combination of SID models (SID models configurable)
  • automatic fall-back into dual mono if second SID is not used / disabled
  • jumper configuration facilitated by an internet configuration tool
  • Up to 12 music channels (SFX plus SID or multiple SIDs)
MixSID (Double-SID board)MixSID (Double-SID board)

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