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Stock: 13 units!

Overlay64 is a programmable video overlay module. 

The Overlay64 module allows superimposing predefined texts onto an existing analog video signal, depending on the states of up to 24 digital input lines.

Among other possible applications the overlay64 can be used to display the state of various hardware extensions build into a classic home computer directly on the screen:

The user writes a simple configuration file that determines which texts are to be displayed for which input line states as well as which lines control the display. The configuration file is converted to a binary format and flashed to the eeprom memory of the microcontroller using the supplied commandline utility, supported under Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

The device has been primarily designed for use in a Commodore 64 home computer in order to display the state of control lines for additional hardware such as MixSID or Reprom64. Nevertheless it should be suitable for use in any context where textual display of digital state superimposed on an analog video signal is required.

We deliver Overlay64 with clip cable, so that an installation without soldering is possible.

For more information on Overlay64 and installation instructions, pay Henning's Website a visit! 

We have made minimal changes to Henning's pcb design, here is the new version.



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