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YPbPr Component VideoMod (HDTV ready video signal generator)

YPbPr Component VideoMod (HDTV ready video signal generator)

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The C64 delivers an old analogue video signal and therefore cannot be used with modern formats like component video or HDMI. We all know that.
Making that possible would be either magic or a very clever solution (by c0pperdragon). We offer you the latter.

VideoMod provides you with a crystal clear video signal that is generated through an FPGA chip that bypasses the chrominance/luminance signal generation of the VIC-II. It then generates a YPbPr (component video) signal directly from the digital information available inside the C64.

(On a side note, there are multiple component video to HDMI converters available. We are currently testing a few and will offer you a fitting one in the future.)

Furthermore, if you have a HDTV, the board can be set to line double mode by the flick of a switch. This drastically improves the picture quality on HDTV sets by outputting a 480p/576p image. No more combing effects on sprites or interlacing artifacts and errors! Flick the switch to its third position and you get cool looking scanlines added to the image too. Your classic Commodore is now fully compatible with most modern televisions without the need for an external upscaler or converter.

Is it that easy? Just plug your C64 to a modern monitor? But that... will probably result in lags and an awkward picture, right? Not with this VideoMod.
The picture is crystal clear, the colors are vivid (the palette can be adjusted at will) and we have successfully playtested Sam's Journey with it and could not recognize any lags or any other drawbacks!

However as an addition, the VideoMod also provides a bypass for the RF-modulator to provide a much better analogue svideo signal to you as well. You can use both at the same time, svideo and component video signal. We did just that and compared the results. Again, no lags in the component version, and both delivered a very good picture. The analogue signal can be further enhanced with a LumaFix (also available from the Protovision-Shop).

Requires a (minimal) amount of soldering as the RF-modulator has to be removed and the VideoMod has to be fitted where the modulator was.

For further information and installation instructions, see c0pperdragon's project page.

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