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Outrage (Download)

Outrage (Download)

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This item is available immediately!

Protovision in association with Psytronik Software are proud to present OUTRAGE - A C64 game by Cosmos Designs - 30 years in the making!

The coding of Outrage was originally started in 1990 by Bernd Buchegger. An alpha version of the game was completed in 1992. The game was submitted to a game competition run by Boeder & 64'er magazine and was selected as a winner! The prize included a publishing contract for the game. Sadly, this was not to be as Boeder ceased publishing for the C64 soon after.
In 2001, the game code was resurrected and in 2005 a release was planned by Protovision. The release didn't happen at the time as more work was required to bug-fix & fine-tune the game. Thanks to the hard work of the ever-expanding Outrage team, the extra work required to complete the game was carried out in 2018 & 2019.
And now, in 2020, Protovision & Psytronik are pleased to present beautifully packaged versions of the game for the C64 (A more detailed history of the game is available HERE)!

  • 5 levels fully packed with finest arcade action (Hawkeye style)
  • Each level with a monstrous end boss
  • A shop to buy ammunition, smartbombs and more
  • Colorful graphics, animations and special effects
  • Beautifully crafted SID in-game music and sfx 
  • Title picture by STE'86 (Steve Day)
  • PAL and NTSC compatible

The digital package includes:
  • The game as disk and cartridge images (D64, CRT)
  • The manual as PDF
Outrage (Download)Outrage (Download)Outrage (Download)Outrage (Download)

Product features

Compatibility:PAL, NTSC, THE64 Mini/Maxi

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