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Soul Force (Download)

Soul Force (Download)

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7,99 EUR

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4 Customer Reviews

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This item is available immediately!

Before you buy Soul Force: Please note that there is also a spin-off of Soul Force available as a low-priced digital download. Snow Force and Soul Force X (which is included in the Snow Force package) are modified versions of Soul Force and can be obtained for a low price here.

Soul Force won GAME OF THE YEAR in the RGN C64 Gamers' Choice Award 2021!

The Soultron star system has been at peace for millenniums, the echoes of warfare long faded, its people living in hope for a never-ending peaceful existence.

Yet some had looked out into the skies, wondering what lay beyond, and what dangers could descend upon their peaceful worlds. In secret they developed project Soul Force, an advanced space fighter designed to defend the Soultron system from an outside threat.

And from the darkness of deep space comes a terrible bio-mechanical fleet swarming into the Soultron star system, monstrous creations descending upon the peaceful planets, tearing into the ground for reasons unknown. Communication attempts remain unanswered, the invaders obliterating any ship brave enough to approach...

We have chosen you to launch and pilot the new Soul Force space fighter against this terrifying threat and liberate our star system. Learn our enemy’s plans and put a stop to them for good. The fate of our star system lies in our hands. You are our last and only hope...

Soul Force is an outstanding and immeasurable SHMUP game for your Commodore 64 personal computer. It is the long awaited first cartridge release from Sarah Jane Avory, known for her other SHMUPs Neutron and Zeta Wing. If you haven't seen these highly popular space shooters yet, you had better head over to her page and give these games a shot.

Key Features of Soul Force:
  • 20 adrenaline filled horizontal shoot’em up levels, each with their own distinct graphical theme
  • A dedicated bitmap screen and music for each level
  • Seven in-game bonus items to collect
  • Four individually upgradable weapon systems
  • General ship upgrades
  • Lots of boss fights
  • Four difficulty settings
  • Password and flexible save game system
  • Progress automatically saved to cartridge
  • Fully PAL & NTSC compatible

Contents of the digital package:
  • The game as cartridge image files (gmod2 and crt)
  • The manual as PDF
Soul Force (Download)Soul Force (Download)Soul Force (Download)Soul Force (Download)Soul Force (Download)Soul Force (Download)

Product features

Compatibility:PAL, NTSC, THE64 Mini/Maxi

English customer reviews:

Author: Redreamer am 2021-03-28
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


Wow, A good shooter! I like both graphics, music, good difficulty level and atmosphere. I can really recommend this game!

Author: Bomfirit am 2021-01-25
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


After 30 years, i bought a C64 Game and it worth every cent. This game is awesome, polished and just fun to play. Thanks Jane. I felt i was like 12 again.

Author: Spike Snell am 2021-01-11
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


This game is really really great. I'm stunned.

By far the best scifi shooter I have played on the c64 platform. The music is punchy in a very good way, and there are a LOT of tracks. Visuals are strikingly well done. Soul Force has my strongest recommendation.

Author: thomcbm64 am 2021-01-04
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


Great game, very challenging. I will be playing the game for a long time.

Congratulations to the programmers who made this.

The quality of the levels is excellent and the levels different enough to keep the player engaged.The game elements are well thought out and the different skill levels and passwords let new players get up to speed.

Finally, the graphics and the bosses look more like my arcade machines than C64 graphics.



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