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SuperKernal 36 in 1 with Wi-Fi/FTP

SuperKernal 36 in 1 with Wi-Fi/FTP

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Stock: 1 units!

Imagine you could store up to 36 files directly in your C64 without compromising compatibility and without using up any peripheral slot.
Imagine you could switch between alternative kernals (standard kernal, JiffyDOS, your own custom kernal...) or programs by the press of a key.
Imagine you could connect your C64 directly to an FTP site via Wi-Fi.
Imagine loading files directly from FTP into your C64 and executing them.
Imagine loading 202 blocks would take less than 2 seconds.
That would be fast.

SuperKernal is one of the best hardware enhancements for the C64 that we ever came across. It can "hide away" and behave like a standard kernal, so it is a very compatible device. At the same time, it gives you powers beyond anything we've seen before as you can. However it does not occupy any port as it goes into the kernal slot inside your C64.

SuperKernal Features:
  • Easy setup and access through any regular Wi-Fi available
  • Load and start C64 programs directly from an FTP site (loading is blazingly fast, only comparable to a RAMLink)
  • Perform firmware updates via Wi-Fi
  • Store dozens of files, simple cart images or kernals that can be selected from a menu (36 slots)
  • Stored files have practically no loading time at all
  • Can be configured and controlled fully from your C64, no PC program required
  • Open your selection and configuration screens by e.g. pressing reset twice (configurable)

Alternative kernals are not included if they are commercial. If your kernal is socketed, no soldering is required.

C64c version: 28 pin, Breadbox version: 24 pins.

Incompatibilities: Issues were reported on some SX-64 models and with Turbo Chameleon 64. Also, you cannot replace kernal with a 1541 Ultimate and SuperKernal at the same time (which also would not make sense). 

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