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CleoRAM 2MB / 4MB

CleoRAM 2MB / 4MB

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Ever wished for a GeoRAM solution with battery backup on your beloved Commodore, so it won't lose data? For example, you could use it as a superfast extra storage device (with Neoram-drive)!

CleoRAM is a GeoRAM clone with considerable improvements. It works well on all C64, C64c, and C128 (1 Mhz and 2 MHz). It also works perfectly well on the Ultimate 64, and it does support higher operation speeds up to 48MHz. Although the Ultimate 64 does already have GeoRAM emulation built-in, you still have the benefit of battery backup with CleoRAM.

Our CleoRAMs come with 2MB and fit into both original Commodore cases as well as into our own standard cases.

Other specs:
Weight – 30 grams
Power consumption – 35 mA
Battery life – 3 years (estimated)
Edge connector – gold-plated

Note: The required battery is not included.

Here is a list of CleoRAM (and GeoRAM) compatible applications:
GEOS 64 / GEOS 128 (with appropriate configuration), Wheels 64 / Wheels 128 (with Toolbox update), CP/M, GeoRAM Digi (C64), Funkpaint (C64), Volley for Two (C128) as well as the tools here and the games here. The C128 version of Neoram-drive is available here.

Using CleoRAM to enlarge the working space of a RAMLink:
It has been reported that CleoRAM 2MB works with a RAMLink, but CleoRAM 4MB does not. This seems to be a limitation of the RAMLink itself. The RAMLink needs to be disconnected from power in order to accept additional RAM (Caution: loss of all data!)

CleoRAM 2MB / 4MBCleoRAM 2MB / 4MB

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