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Cursed Tomb

Cursed Tomb

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Unleash your inner Indiana Jones as you explore your way through ancient graves of unknown origins. On your adventure through the creepy catacombs you will collect treasure as you navigate your way around many dangers such as ghosts, deadly artifacts, moving walls, hidden traps, teleports and a lot more.

Cursed Tomb is an action puzzle game that provides 75 well-design but challenging levels. You direct you explorer around labryinths collecting jewels before locating the exit, but note that he only stops moving when he hits a wall or item. So to survive, you will need your nimble witt - be smart and be careful about where you move.

The game also contains an autosave feature to ensure that you don’t have to start from scratch again when you make the wrong move. Compared to many other Protovision games, Cursed Tomb is easier to play through, at least in easy mode.

The physical editions consist of:
  •     The game on cartridge and/or disk
  •     A beautifully designed cardboard box
  •     An A5 manual with atmospheric, hand drawn illustrations
  •     A small metal shovel to dig up treasures
All physical editions also include the digital package of Cursed Tomb.

The digital package includes:
  •     The game as disk and cartridge images (D64, CRT)
  •     The manual as PDF
Cursed TombCursed TombCursed TombCursed TombCursed TombCursed TombCursed Tomb

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Compatibility:PAL, NTSC, THE64 Mini/Maxi

English customer reviews:

Author: Piotr G. am 2023-05-22
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


Cursed Tomb jest to świetna i bardzo wciągająca gra z dobrą szatą graficzną i klimatyczną oprawą audio aż chcę się grać jak dla mnie pretendent na grę roku. Grze daję 5 gwiazdek oby więcej takich gier na Commodore 64.

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