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A low power main RAM replacement board for the Commodore 128
Replace all 16 DRAM ICs of the C128 with a single small module.

This unit requires soldering! See the picture of the installed unit for reference.
To fit the module, remove all 16 original DRAM chips and solder the PCB and six additional wires to the pins as shown in the picture.
Saruman D0 goes to U46 pin 2
Saruman D1 goes to U47 pin 2
Saruman D2 goes to U48 pin 2
Saruman D3 goes to U49 pin 2
Saruman D4 goes to U50 pin 2
Saruman /CAS goes to U44 pin 15

Bear in mind when counting pin positions that the DRAMs are fitted “upside down” (notch at the bottom) on the C128 PCB.
When removing the original chips, it's easier to just clip all the legs near the body of each IC, discard the chip and then clip off the remaining stubs (rather than trying to completely de-solder each entire chip).

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