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C64 Vinyl Tribute #2

C64 Vinyl Tribute #2

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The Commodore 64 Vinyl Tribute #2 is a SID music collection of well-known musicians from the chiptune and demoscene.
The record is a 180 gram gatefold vinyl special edition limited to 300 copies.

Cover artwork by Joe.

Participating musicians:

c0zmo  -  Anthony Walters - Toggle - Linus - LMan - Taxim - Shogoon
Spino - Thomas Detert - Markus Schneider - Røly - Mibri - chuinho - picrard
Jammer -  Fegolhuzz - Chris Huelsbeck - SigmaZeven - psych858o - Nordischsound

C64 Vinyl Tribute #2C64 Vinyl Tribute #2C64 Vinyl Tribute #2C64 Vinyl Tribute #2

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