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Lykia - The Lost Island ***preorder***

Lykia - The Lost Island ***preorder***

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Manufacturer: Protovision
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Stock: 110 units!

ATTENTION: This is a preorder. The "in stock"-value shows how many preorders we are currently willing to accept.

Welcome to Lykia – The Lost Island, an interactive Zelda-like open world adventure with lots of puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover.

The story begins on Nora's 16th birthday. Everything is like always. Or is it? Nora still has to unwrap her birthday presents...
As usual, her mother has a few little chores to do for her, but nothing too stressful, because everything is quiet in the small village.
Just like every day.

At the time of its release, Lykia is (to our knowledge) the biggest C64 game ever to be released on cartridge. We have developed a new cartridge format to host it!

  • The cartridge includes both "Lykia - The Lost Island" and its prequal "Lykia Prologue - Nathan's Journey"
  • A large, beautifully designed world
  • A total of 580 screens to dwell through (on two continents)
  • Stunning intro and end sequences
  • 25 full Songs from musical genius Markus 'c0zmo' Jentsch
  • 40+ characters to interact with
  • Integrated hint system
  • 37 items that can be picked up and used throughout the game
  • Aprox. 2000 conversational lines of text
  • Comes on a newly introduced 1MB cartridge
  • Digital manual included on the game cartridge
  • Game progress can be saved on cartridge
  • With Protopad Support

The product image does not show the full content of the boxed edition of Lykia.

Contents of the boxed edition:
  • The game cartridge
  • Manual in A5
  • Cloth map in A4
  • A canvas reprint of a painting (in the game, your friend Pories has given it to you)
  • An information sheet of the cathedral of Verlingenhofen
  • A coin straight out of the Lykia world (color: lilac metallic)
The download version is also included and consists of the manual in pdf format and the game as cartridge images (different formats).
Lykia - The Lost Island ***preorder***Lykia - The Lost Island ***preorder***Lykia - The Lost Island ***preorder***Lykia - The Lost Island ***preorder***Lykia - The Lost Island ***preorder***

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Compatibility:PAL, NTSC, THE64 Mini/Maxi

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