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A Pig Quest GOLD Edition ***preorder***

A Pig Quest GOLD Edition ***preorder***

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from 70,00 EUR

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Stock: 46 units

Manufacturer: Protovision
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Stock: 46 units!

ATTENTION: This is a preorder. The "in stock"-value shows how many preorders we are currently willing to accept.

Every year, PROTOVISION produces an exclusive and rare special edition on a golden cartridge... is only for our supporters on Patreon or Tipeee!
 If you are looking to order the normal (non-gold) edition: please wait! It will be available separately.

To order this product, register at either Patreon (US based) or Tipeee (European) and support Protovision with a monthly tip. Once that's done, you can order your gold edition here. You are also regarded as a supporter if you have ordered for more than 250 Euros within the last 12 months or have supported Protopad.

You have the following options:
  • Just Fun: you can tip us USD 2 or EUR 1 and we would be extremely happy, plus you are free to order gold editions.
  • Cheat Mode: if you tip us USD 15 or EUR 13, you'll receive all upcoming gold editions in maximum configuration without any additional costs. No need to order gold editions anymore, we'll just send them over whenever they are available.
  • Super Cheat Mode: like Cheat Mode but with the NEVER MISS A GAME AGAIN additional promise. This means that we will always reserve a copy for you of every upcoming game we sell for 3 months. No more missing a special edition of Farming Simulator, Bomb Mania or else anymore! It is USD 20 or EUR 18.


Help Frank Further through his epic adventure - is it really a quest, though?

Experience one of the most incredible stories ever told on the Commodore 64: 5 large worlds to explore, hundreds of enemies and 30+ epic SID tunes that appear dynamically in this action packed platformer with puzzle elements intelligently woven in as the story unfolds.

ZZap64! Gold Award Winner (with a rating of 96%)!

  •     Non-linear gameplay
  •     Beautifully animated bitmap background and enemies
  •     200 screens across 5 worlds
  •     100% non-tiled bitmap mode, allowing for more graphical variation
  •     Weapons and armour system
  •     Dynamic environment & weather
  •     More pigs than dragons
  •     A dazzling 30+ situational SID tunes
  •     A lot of pigs, actually
  •     Cinematic cutscenes
  •     Secret areas
  •     Cartridge only (1MB)
  •     Fully PAL/NTSC and GS compatible
  •     2Mhz mode support on C128
  •     Protopad support

The product image does not show the full content of the boxed edition.

Contents of the boxed GOLD edition:
  • The golden game cartridge
  • A wonderfully drawn Manual in A5
  • ...what else... ah, you'll see when you get the game!
The download edition is also included and consists of the manual in pdf format and the game as cartridge image (in EasyFlash format).

Other editions will be sold starting February 14.
GOLD customers receive the download already on February 12!

Every gold edition is available only until the next gold edition is released.
A Pig Quest GOLD Edition ***preorder***A Pig Quest GOLD Edition ***preorder***A Pig Quest GOLD Edition ***preorder***A Pig Quest GOLD Edition ***preorder***A Pig Quest GOLD Edition ***preorder***A Pig Quest GOLD Edition ***preorder***

Product features

Compatibility:PAL, NTSC, THE64 Mini/Maxi

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This Product was added to our catalogue on 2023-02-01.

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