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8in1 Diag multirom cartridge

8in1 Diag multirom cartridge

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Stock: 4 units!

This cartridge is actually multiple cartridges in one as it contains 8 different ROMs.
You can easily choose the cartridge ROM with DIP switches and a jumper.
See the attached image for selecting the different modes.

This cartridge is based on Versa64Cart, but it also contains two different DEAD TESTs not available in other multi-ROM cartridges. A dead test is very useful if your C64 wont boot and the special C64Lover version of the dead test is especially useful, because it gives a multitude of visual clues as to which part of the system might be broken.

Included are:
  • Dead Test
  • Dead Test C64Lover
  • C64 Diag
  • C1541 Diag
  • C128 Diag
  • Burn in C64
  • Import Test
  • Billiards (game)

The C64Lover version of the dead test has the following improvements:

  • More informative messages
  • One of first things it does is it sets the border to light gray (so you instantly know that CPU/PLA/CART ROM work)
  • Activity indicator by flashing the border (eg bad CPU will visibly stall)
  • Graphics mode right from the start so you can possibly view RAM or VIC faults thanks to VIC's image rendering + border colour change during test
  • Rearranged BAD RAM chart so you will see real DATA BUS BITs instead of first revision of mobo's ICs numbering so you can directly consult schematics for suspicious chips or data bus problems related to eg bus multiplexer
  • Readable font, partial substitution retaining original "frame" characters

Works on PAL&NTSC computers.
Reset button included.

A harness is needed to perform a C128 or a full C64 test (tests will give BAD results without harness). They are not included with this product.


    8in1 Diag multirom cartridge

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