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Reviews for: Sam's Journey (Download)

Date: 2019-11-25
Author: Marcel S.
Reviews for: Sam's Journey (Download)


Most amazing C64 game EVER! It's a very polished jump-and-run, with a very modern design approach - no lives to be lost, but instead checkpoints everywhere. The focus is on exploring the levels, as it should be. The controls are tight, and considering the joystick has only one button, it's quite miraculous how well they managed to implement all the special moves.

With the Mario-style overworld map, each level can be re-played, to discover new hidden areas, using the new powers Sam collects. The replay value is huge, and the amount of time to complete the thousands of screens massive.

The graphics, sounds and music are all top-notch too, including a cute intro sequence, wonderful sprite animations and colorful backgrounds.

This is the first C64 game in a long, long time that managed to actually make me want to play it again, more than some modern games I'm currently playing. It's a true masterpiece, and deserves every bit of praise it gets. I just wish I could give it 10 stars out of 5...

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!

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