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Reviews for: MW ULTRA (Download)

Date: 2020-11-28
Author: Wouter B.
Reviews for: MW ULTRA (Download)


The Commodore 64 has been a platform for lots of silly games, arcade ports and interesting game ideas. It has given a broad range of game developers access to many gamers across the globe, which has led to a plethora of games. Not all have been good. In fact, only a handful have been exceptional. The Metal Warrior series of games has always been impressive, but this instalment: Metal Warrior Ultra will really blow your mind. Many of the game's mechanics have gone through several iterations, honing them to be the modern and advanced type of gameplay that really belongs to the present time. It's almost a shock to see a game on a platform as old as the C64, perform the feats of a modern game. It does that, while also being able to utilise all the quirky platform requirements like the REU, SuperCPU, C128 2Mhz mode, fastloaders, several different cartridge and disk image types!
If MW4 is anything to go by, MW Ultra will be a long, immersive and profound experience to play through.
You play Ian in this game and naturally you are a rocker who gets entangled in a story. Like the previous games in the series, this one's very story driven. It has an extensive inventory system, skill point system and health and body armour. You can pick up a range of weapons, ammo, health kits, black market money. Your weapons won't hurt friendlies and won't operate it safe zones. Unless you have a great memory you will probably need to make a map at some point. This game is big.
The game auto saves and you can manage your saves by moving them between cartridge and disk. And yes, the disk version multi-loads, so you might want to consider the cart.
You can configure the controls to the point where you can assign multiple buttons which will allow for some very mature gameplay on the C64. Finally!
It's hard to indicate games to be 'must-have' games, because not everybody likes every style of game. But this one's so unique, so well made, you have to own it. Even if you don't play it.

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!

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