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Ultimate Newcomer Status
Written by MacGyver

During the first four months of 2011, the developers took the last chance before release to see what can be further improved and expanded. This resulted in an increased game size.
Ultimate Newcomer uses a compression method and disk system that made it possible to reduce the game’s size from the 14 disk sides that it was in the enhanced revision to 11 in the ultimate version. However, in the last four months the amount has grown to 12 disk sides due to the following changes:

  • Over 150 expansions were made to existing events/situations
  • More than 25 new situations and events were also added
  • A few game mechanics were improved at the concept/implementation level

    The amount of disks for the 1581/CMD FD2000/CMD FD4000 versions did not change.

    There were reliability issues with CMD FD2000 disk code, but Protovision loaned test hardware to the developers, and the disk code was successfully fixed.

    The official Newcomer site has moved to a new host and is back online.

    Also, a Release Candidate version was built on the 1st of May, and testing has started for it.

    Leon released another two Newcomer fan artworks:

  • Sacrificial Dagger
  • Find this place…

    „Find this place…“ competed within the Forever C graphics competition and scored 7th.

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