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RR-Net MK3 Prototype
Written by MacGyver

individual Computers introduced a new prototype of the new ethernet card RR-Net MK3. Here is an overview of the most interesting features:

  • Can be connected either via clock port of a carrier cartridge (Chameleon, MMC Replay etc.) or directly into the expansion port
  • in clockport mode, 8 bytes of EEPROM are visible (for MAC address)
  • in expansion port mode, cart starts as 8k cartridge
  • EEPROM can be written to and is properly write-protected on startup
  • RAM can be switched on, written to without C64 mem being trashed
  • RAM is mirrored to $dfxx if in „shutup mode“ (trampoline code)
  • Wiznet chip can be initialized in clockport- and expansion port mode

    Read all about how to program the new RR-Net MK3 in this document.
    It would be nice to send Jens feedback from more coders! Use the contact form at individual Computers.

    The new board is a tiny bit smaller than the first prototype in order to fit better with all current cartridges. And yes, it’s kind of crowded and angled on the board ūüėČ

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