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A Pig Quest Physical Cart update
Written by Protovision

We have some positive news for customers who pre-ordered the physical cartridge editions of A Pig Quest.

We were able to get the game boxes produced before our supplier shut down permanently. We had to pay a premium, but we felt this was the right action for us to take so as to not add any further delay to the delivery of the physical carts.

On the cartridge PCB front, we have continued to experience frustration with getting the new design finalized. After resolving the initial issue around EU regulation compliance, we had to deal with PCB components no longer being available. We are pleased to say that the latest revision to the PCB has passed its initial testing. We will need to conduct further testing on different hardware configurations but we are hopeful of being very close to starting production in a few weeks if all goes well with these tests. Once production has started it will still take months to actually deliever all orders.

We’ll provide a further update when the production run commences but we would like to thank all of our customers for their patience and support.



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