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A Pig Quest Update
Written by Protovision

We have some great news – our new cartridge design is now fully functional and passed all tests on C64s, C128s, Mega65, Ultimate 64 and whatnot! Finally a host for bigger games!

However, we had to make adjustments to its design for various reasons, most notably the unavailability of certain components, which in turn means that the games to be used with it (such as A Pig Quest) need adaptation. While we are still waiting for the game updates, the Piggy 18 team has told us they are practically ready and will send us the new version after a final playtest. Once we receive the updated build of A Pig Quest, we will be able to start shipping (after another final test on our hardware).

Please note that shipping to all customers will take a number of months to complete as we only have limited capacity to process orders. We will first complete Gold cartridge orders before sending out the standard versions.


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