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C128 RGBi to RGBa adapter

If you need a simple way to output an analog RGB signal from your Commodore 128 then we have the solution for you. This handy little adapter will convert a digital RGBIHV signal over to RGBa, allowing you to connect it to your favourite VGA upscaler.


Back in stock: C64 Vinyl Tribute #2 !

You guys sure love your SID music, especially when its on vinyl. If you missed out on securing a copy of the C64 Vinyls Tribute #2 a couple of weeks ago then you will be excited to hear that we have have received another batch of this great vinyl release. Grab them quick before we sell out again!

New in our shop: Ultimate 64 RBG SCART cable!

If you want the best display possible for your Ultimate64/Ultimate64 Elite using a SCART connection, then we have the cable for you. The Ultimate64 RBG SCART cable excels in providing a superior visual experience with its great clarity and colors. Order yours before they sell out!

Muddy Racers – The Trailer

Muddy Racers is the perfect game to play with friends and family over this Christmas. If you haven’t seen the game in action yet then check out the official trailer over on our popular Youtube channel.

We wish you a Muddy X-Mas
with your trusty old gear!

Muddy Racers is a GO GO GO!

Monte Boyd’s Muddy Racers is now officially ready for release. Head on over to the Protovision Shop to place your order for this great arcade racer. The game is available as a physical cartridge or as a digital download.

If you pre-ordered the special Gold Cartridge edition then you will be excited to hear that we will start shipping these next week. Pre-orders for the standard cartridge version will be sent out after the Gold carts.

C128 RAM Replacement available now!

The one RAM Replacement board to rule them all! The SaRuMan-128 is a lower power RAM replacement board for the Commodore 128. Replace all 16 DRAM ICs of the C128 with a single small module. Soldering skills required.

Plus/4 Dust Covers now available!

So you have a wonderful Commodore Plus/4 machine and want to protect it against dust and nasty splashes that always seem to appear out of nowhere. Well, we have the thing just for you – sturdy and flexible covers made of Kodura fabric. Not only do they look great but they are made in Germany, so you know they are great!

New Stock Item – C64 Vinyl Tribute #2

Spinning its way into the Protovision Shop is the Commodore 64 Vinyl Tribute #2 – a great SID collection of music by well known musicians within the Chiptune and Demoscene. This gatefold record is presented on 180 gram vinyl for superior listening quality and is a must buy for all chiptune fans. This release is also available as an Audio CD.

Maverick v5 and 1541 Speed Control box now available

Considered by many to be the top gun of software duplication suites, we have limited units of Maverick v5 in stock. The Maverick v5 is the most versatile disk utility set ever created for the Commodore 64 and the 1541, 1571 and 1581 disk drives. It comes with a 50 page manual. Order yours quick before we sell out!

The perfect accompaniment to the Maverick v5, the 1541 Speed Control Box will make the process of archiving a breeze. Once you have installed this handy device to your 1541 disk drive, you can adjust the drive speed at will with the simple twist of the dial.


New stock item – 64 Doctor

If your C64 is not feeling well then its time to call in the 64 Doctor. Providing comprehensive fault finding and diagnostic tests, this easy to use testing device has everything you need to identify the status of your C64’s components.


Updated status on Parallaxian

We here at Protovision have been eagerly following the development of Parallaxian ever since Kodiak first revealed the project back in 2019. After a bit of a pause, Kodiak has provided an update via his website showing off the latest version of the Parallaxian technical testbed. Kodiak’s video includes some very impressive gameplay, which you can check out for yourself here.



Pieces II Release & Compo Results

Pieces II is now available as a free download from the Protovision website. This release improves upon the original with slicker presentation and the inclusion of 200 levels – most of which are contributed by the community.

The community designed levels were submitted as part of the Pieces II Level Design Compo and we are pleased to announce the following winners:

The Most Difficult Level to Solve

1st place – Karl-Johan Nilsson (60 EURO PTV Shop voucher)
2nd place – Hannes Malecki (30 EURO PTV Shop voucher)
3rd place – Attila Deak (10 EURO PTV Shop voucher)


The Most Number of Levels Submitted and Approved For Game Inclusion

1st place – Andreas Voigt (60 EURO PTV Shop voucher)
2nd place – Stefano Tognon (30 EURO PTV Shop voucher)
3rd place – Nikola Petri (10 EURO PTV Shop voucher)

Congratulations to the winners! We will be in touch shortly to arrange your vouchers. Thank you to all who have contributed and submitted levels to this competition!

Hibernated 1: Directors Cut now available!

The Director’s cut of Hibernated 1 is now available in the Protovision Shop. Stefan Vogt’s wonderfully absorbing text adventure has been rewritten and includes tons of additional narrative content and riddles. Features premium packaging and beautifully illustrated artwork Hibernated 1: Directors Cut is sure to stand out in your game collection.

New Protovision HQ

Some might have noticed our new address, others might have noticed that our delivery times are slower than usual – that’s because we have moved to a new, better and bigger place! Our table is a bit messed up as we are testing Protopad and MultiJoy prototypes.


Bugs Inc. now available

Bugs Inc. is a compilation of four very different games coded by Darro99. In addition to the main game Bugs Inc, this special release cartridge also includes 4M.Arena, Rowman and Sky Diving. Order your copy from the Protovision Shop today!

Tenebra interactive LED Edition!

Update: sold out!

The Protovision Shop is selling the last batch of the deluxe version of Tenebra. This highly sought after limited version includes a cartridge with interactive LEDs that show the current inventory of the game character. Stocks will not last long so be quick to place your order as once they are gone they are gone forever!

Nightland – Board & Computer Game

If you are looking for a unique gaming experience with your C64 then you got to try out Nightland. Providing a mixture between board game and computer game within a fantasy setting, Nightland will provide plenty of entertainment for you and your friends and family. Order from the Protovision Shop quickly as we only have limited stock.

Protovision Exclusive – Reset #14

BANG! We are excited to announce that physical copies of Reset #14 can now be purchased from the Protovision-Shop. This run’n’gun themed issue is packed with 80 pages of interviews, reviews and other fun articles around our beloved C64.

Grab your C128 mini keychain now!

What better way than to show off your love for your Commodore 128 by ordering one of our C128 miniature model keychains. The keychains are highly detailed and look simply awesome. Order yours now!

Bobr Games cartridges back in stock

We have replenished our stock of C64 cartridge games from Bobr Games. Available from our Online Shop are some great titles such as Monster Catcher, Millie & Molly, and a new production run of Space Collection. These carts sell out quick, so don’t wait too long to place your order!

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