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New Protovision HQ

Some might have noticed our new address, others might have noticed that our delivery times are slower than usual – that’s because we have moved to a new, better and bigger place! Our table is a bit messed up as we are testing Protopad and MultiJoy prototypes.


Bugs Inc. now available

Bugs Inc. is a compilation of four very different games coded by Darro99. In addition to the main game Bugs Inc, this special release cartridge also includes 4M.Arena, Rowman and Sky Diving. Order your copy from the Protovision Shop today!

Tenebra interactive LED Edition!

Update: sold out!

The Protovision Shop is selling the last batch of the deluxe version of Tenebra. This highly sought after limited version includes a cartridge with interactive LEDs that show the current inventory of the game character. Stocks will not last long so be quick to place your order as once they are gone they are gone forever!

Nightland – Board & Computer Game

If you are looking for a unique gaming experience with your C64 then you got to try out Nightland. Providing a mixture between board game and computer game within a fantasy setting, Nightland will provide plenty of entertainment for you and your friends and family. Order from the Protovision Shop quickly as we only have limited stock.

Protovision Exclusive – Reset #14

BANG! We are excited to announce that physical copies of Reset #14 can now be purchased from the Protovision-Shop. This run’n’gun themed issue is packed with 80 pages of interviews, reviews and other fun articles around our beloved C64.

Grab your C128 mini keychain now!

What better way than to show off your love for your Commodore 128 by ordering one of our C128 miniature model keychains. The keychains are highly detailed and look simply awesome. Order yours now!

Bobr Games cartridges back in stock

We have replenished our stock of C64 cartridge games from Bobr Games. Available from our Online Shop are some great titles such as Monster Catcher, Millie & Molly, and a new production run of Space Collection. These carts sell out quick, so don’t wait too long to place your order!

Preorder Muddy Racers now!

Start your engines and race on over to our online shop as we open up pre-orders for the standard edition of Muddy Racers. Don’t miss out on some great single-screen arcade racing as you bump and bounce your car across 18 wicked tracks. Do you have what it takes to finish at the top of the leaderboard?

Lykia Gold Cartridge – Preorder open now!

We are excited to reveal that Lykia – The Lost Island has been selected as our 2022 gold cartridge release! If you are a supporter of Protovision at Patreon or Tipeee or have ordered a lot in the past 365 days, you can preorder the gold cart edition of this wonderful and vast interactive Zelda-like open world adventure. Lykia comes on a specially developed cartridge as the game is so huge! The standard edition of Lykia will be available for order at a later point in time.

Lots of Chips & Circuits back in stock

Our Online Shop is a great place to find replacement chips and circuits for your Commodore machine. We have restocked our supplies of SaRuMan-TED, SaRuMan-VDC, cleoRAM 4MB and PLAnkton. Order yours now before they quickly sell out again!

Back in stock: ARMSID / ARM2SID

If your C64 SID chip is not sounding too good these days then you need to jump on over to our Online Shop and order yourself the ARMSID. The ARMSID is a drop-in replacement of the SID chip. Just insert it into the SID socket instead of the original SID chip and you’re done! ARM2SID is the bigger brother of ARMSID and gives plenty of additional audio features, such as emulating up to 3 SID chips at once.

Milo Mundt has passed away much too soon

We are deeply saddened by the unexpected and sudden loss of our member and personal friend, Milo Mundt also known as MacGyver. He was a very active participant of the C64 scene and has contributed to countless amazing projects. He died at the age of 43.

Monte Boyd Interview by Hands On Gaming

We know you are all looking forward to the release of Muddy Racers by Monte Boyd. Monte took sometime out from his busy coding schedule to chat to Hands On Gaming podcast about his upcoming overhead racer for the C64. Check out what Monte has to say about Muddy Racers and his other C64 gaming projects here.

POKE 4K V1.2 released

In case you missed it, an updated version of POKE 4K has been released. It has extra sound effects, better spawn logic and the balls are now black.

Free download is available from CSDb.

Free digital version of Lykia – The Lost Island

The PULS4R team has released the digital version of Lykia – The Lost Island. This is a free download for the whole community to access from here. Lykia is a fully immersive exploration game featuring over 580 screens, more than 40 interactive characters and 25 outstanding SID tracks.

Lykia will receive a physical release courtesy from both Protovision (cartridge version) and Psytronik Software (disk version) at a later date. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to download and play the free digital version. If you happen to uncover any bugs in the digital version, then we would encourage you to report these to PULS4R as this will ensure they are fixed before the physical version is produced.

Outrage featured in Retro Gamer #235

The long lost Run’n’Gun by Cosmos Designs has finally been covered by the well-known Retro Gamer magazine: The latest issue includes an interview with the creator Bernd Buchegger about the making of Outrage in the "Champion Coder" section.
Considering we co-published Outrage together with Psytronik Software at the turn of the year 2020/2021 already, we were not sure if this was still going to happen – until now!

To order your copy of Retro Gamer issue 235, go to MagazinesDirect.

Thanks to the Retro Gamer staff, we are able to provide the article for free at The Outrageous Chronicle.

You can buy Outrage in our Online Shop as a digital download or as a Boxed Edition on cartridge.

New 4K Game out: POKE 4K

Pop Of Knightly Effort, a new and free 4k game from Protovision in the tradition of Pang!, has been released as part of the Reset ‘Craptastic’ 4kb Game Compo 2022. Make sure to read the included docs.

Details and download:

Outrage – Creator talks on Level Up Live Stream

This Saturday (July 2, 2022), Bernd Buchegger of Cosmos Designs will be talking about Outrage – his C64 game that was released by Protovision in cooperation with Psytronik Software 30 years after development had begun. One of the topics will be the attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records with Outrage.

The whole thing will be shown within Level Up on their offical live stream – starting at 6:00 pm (CET):

More on Outrage at Protovision.

C64 Round Up June 2022 featuring Muddy Racers and Stoker

Retro Gamer Nation’s C64 Round Up June 2022 Edition has latest news on Protovision’s games Muddy Racers by Monte Boyd and "Stoker" by Rhys Clatworthy. The video starts off with an update on Monte Boyd’s side project "Knights & Slimes". Enjoy!

Within the video, jump directly to…
Muddy Racers
Knights & Slimes

Full video:

ZZap! 64 Micro Action #8 featuring Cursed Tomb, Stoker & more

Issue 8 of ZZap! 64 Micro Action has been released, containing a number of Protovision related exclusives.
The magazine shines the spotlight on Protovision’s upcoming title Cursed Tomb, an action puzzle game by Zbigniew Ross.
The Patreon exclusive cover disk contains a playable demo of "Stoker", an artistic looking platformer by Rhys Clatworthy that is set to receive a Protovision cartridge release upon its completion.
Also check out the interview with Søren Trautner Madsen, where he discusses the status of Limbo (demake of the PC/Xbox game) and "Awesome Slam Siblings" (a tribute to a well-known Beat 'em Up game series). Once completed, these titles could be published by Protovision in the future.
Subscription to ZZap! 64 Micro Action is through Patreon. In addition to PDF, you may obtain the magazine as physical version.

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