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Outrage featured in Retro Gamer #235

The long lost Run’n’Gun by Cosmos Designs has finally been covered by the well-known Retro Gamer magazine: The latest issue includes an interview with the creator Bernd Buchegger about the making of Outrage in the "Champion Coder" section.
Considering we co-published Outrage together with Psytronik Software at the turn of the year 2020/2021 already, we were not sure if this was still going to happen – until now!

To order your copy of Retro Gamer issue 235, go to MagazinesDirect.

Thanks to the Retro Gamer staff, we are able to provide the article for free at The Outrageous Chronicle.

You can buy Outrage in our Online Shop as a digital download or as a Boxed Edition on cartridge.

New 4K Game out: POKE 4K

Pop Of Knightly Effort, a new and free 4k game from Protovision in the tradition of Pang!, has been released as part of the Reset ‘Craptastic’ 4kb Game Compo 2022. Make sure to read the included docs.

Details and download:

Outrage – Creator talks on Level Up Live Stream

This Saturday (July 2, 2022), Bernd Buchegger of Cosmos Designs will be talking about Outrage – his C64 game that was released by Protovision in cooperation with Psytronik Software 30 years after development had begun. One of the topics will be the attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records with Outrage.

The whole thing will be shown within Level Up on their offical live stream – starting at 6:00 pm (CET):

More on Outrage at Protovision.

C64 Round Up June 2022 featuring Muddy Racers and Stoker

Retro Gamer Nation’s C64 Round Up June 2022 Edition has latest news on Protovision’s games Muddy Racers by Monte Boyd and "Stoker" by Rhys Clatworthy. The video starts off with an update on Monte Boyd’s side project "Knights & Slimes". Enjoy!

Within the video, jump directly to…
Muddy Racers
Knights & Slimes

Full video:

ZZap! 64 Micro Action #8 featuring Cursed Tomb, Stoker & more

Issue 8 of ZZap! 64 Micro Action has been released, containing a number of Protovision related exclusives.
The magazine shines the spotlight on Protovision’s upcoming title Cursed Tomb, an action puzzle game by Zbigniew Ross.
The Patreon exclusive cover disk contains a playable demo of "Stoker", an artistic looking platformer by Rhys Clatworthy that is set to receive a Protovision cartridge release upon its completion.
Also check out the interview with Søren Trautner Madsen, where he discusses the status of Limbo (demake of the PC/Xbox game) and "Awesome Slam Siblings" (a tribute to a well-known Beat 'em Up game series). Once completed, these titles could be published by Protovision in the future.
Subscription to ZZap! 64 Micro Action is through Patreon. In addition to PDF, you may obtain the magazine as physical version.

Lykia Prologue – VIPER’s Retrogame videos’ Longplay

For the YouTube channel VIPER’s Retrogame Videos, a longplay to the C64 version of "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" has been created. So, you got the chance to see the full prequel of this promising production by PULS4R. However, beware of spoilers! 😉

Protovision will publish the main game Lykia – The Lost Island on cartridge.
In the meantime, download "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" (for both, 1541 and SD2IEC) here.

Restocked: Sam’s Journey

The greatest game ever developed for the C64? Well, we certainly think so and if you have not added Sam’s Journey to your games collection then this is your chance to do so. We have replenished our stock of this amazing multi-directional scrolling platformer. Available on disk or cartridge, Sam’s Journey is now available from our Online Shop again.


Great Poly.Play titles back in stock

Rescuing Orc and The Curse of Rabenstein are two wonderful titles released for the C64 in recent years. We have limited stock available of the Poly.Play Collector’s Editions of these games. Grab your copy from our Online Shop before they sell out again!

Outrage Coder Bernd Buchegger interviewed at 9th Klagenfurt Game Jam

At GamesAAU’s klujam / Spring Game Jam in Klagenfurt (Austria) Bernd Buchegger was interviewed about the development of Cosmos Designs‘ popular Outrage game, available at Protovision’s Shop, both physical and digital.
To see the interview, head directly over to

Full video:

8-Bit Flo reviews 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge [German]

In his latest video the German YouTuber 8-Bit Flo demonstrates our 1541 Diagnose Cartridge. Its functions are illustrated, especially the part with testing and adjusting the VC1541 is discussed. We hope you enjoy watching the video!

Get the 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge from the Protovision Shop.

Brotkastenfreunde #010: New games for the C64 feat. Space Moguls [German]

The 10th episode of the brotkastenfreunde podcast is dedicated to C64 games that have been released since Commodore went bankrupt. Steffen and Christian focus on newer good titles that are not that well known. These were divided into different categories. The category "inspired games" contains a short feature on Space Moguls by Carl-Henrik Skårstedt – direct link.

Complete episode:

Protopad Update

Until now we have sent updates to the project only to backers of the Crowdfunding campaign. But here’s a status update for everyone:

– We have found a case that we could use. We are still exploring the idea of creating a custom case. Making your own case is tricky and very expensive, so we will see if that works out. If not, we will revert to the standard case we found worthy.

– We have come across unexpected technical issues. The pad sometimes gives wrong readings and it appears to happen when a button is pressed only lightly. This is extremely weird and we never heard of a similar issue ever. We believe it is some kind of power fluctuation problem and have created a new prototype that will make it easier for us to track the issue.

– We are shocked about price developments. A CPLD chip that used to cost 6 Euros now costs 40. We did not see that coming and it crushes our financial calculations. We might have to redesign to use different chips than initially planned.

We are positive we will be able to master all these issues, eventually, but it takes way longer than we expected. Since Covid, not only prices have gone up but turnaround times are much slower. Example: receiving new Prototypes previously was a matter of days or weeks, now we have to wait months before we receive a new board.

Additional Protovision News Author wanted

Would you like to get involved in the Protovision team? We need someone to help us keep the news coming. We would throw news topics at you and you reliably create news texts from them that are orthographically correct and beautiful to read. A bonus would be if you are from DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). We are looking for someone who is able to keep commitment over a longer time. As we are hobbyists, there is no money to earn though. Still interested? Then contact us!


C64 40th Anniversary Special featuring Protovision, Partners & Friends

To celebrate the C64’s 40th anniversary, BastichB 64K created a massive documentary. With a focus on modern C64, he talked to game publishers, programmers, musicians, print media journalists, crackers and social media content creators. Among the many guests is Protovision main organizer Tim Jakob as well as partners like Kenz of Psytronik and friends such as Chester from Knights of Bytes. Enjoy!

News from the scene: 8bit-Slicks with RR-Net Support

For those who missed it: 8bit-Slicks is an online car racing game in development by 8bit-Dude with RR-Net support – the network interface distributed by Protovision. You want to experience online racing with your C64 equipped with RR-Net? Then you will be pleased to know that a shareware version with 10 maps is available while the full version (digital/physical) can be pre-ordered from
Don’t have an RR-Net yet? Our Online Shop currently has limited stock of RR-Net MK3 awaiting your order.

OVP64 – Over Voltage Protector Back in Stock

Use the OVP64 to keep your precious C64 machine safe from critical damage caused by a faulty power supply unit. The OVP64 is easy to use as it simply connects between your power supply unit and your C64. This handy little item is now back in stock.

Restocked: TOLB PAL clock generator

How does a C64 know its processing speed? Through its clock generator. Unfortunately, it sometimes fails. But you can replace it with one of our PAL TOLBs! Tested to be fully compatible and energy efficient. Now available again in the Protovision Shop.

Restocked: C128 expansion ROM U36 – Super 81 Utilities

The expansion ROM U36 is a wonderful upgrade for your Commodore 128 which you can install without any soldering. Among the various ROMs you can choose from, we restocked the Super 81 Utilities.

Check it out and order now!

Space Moguls Longplay [German]

German YouTuber 8-Bit Flo effortlessly plays through a session of Space Moguls in one of his latest game play videos. Featuring German audio commentary, you can check it out here:

Stoker – New video footage of the platform game

"Stoker" gained quite some attention while still in an earlier state of development. Rhys Clatworthy provided recent video footage, presenting new fireballs for our dragon, dust when landing as well as a new, faster scrolling routine. Enjoy!

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