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Neu aufgelegte Artikel – cynthCart64, LumaFix64, LumaFix128, TFC3+ und C128 RGBi zu RGBa Adapter

Wir haben den Protovision Shop mit einer Reihe von Artikeln aufgefüllt, mit denen du das Beste aus deinem Commodore 64 und Commodore 128 herausholen kannst.

Mit der analogen Synthesizer-Cartridge cynthCart64 kannst du ein paar schöne Melodien erzeugen, oder vielleicht du möchtest den Jailbar-Effekt auf deinem Display mit den Addons LumaFix64 oder LumaFix128 reduzieren. Suchst du nach einer Freezer-/Fastload-Lösung? Dann ist das TFC3+-Cartridge genau das Richtige für dich. Und für diejenigen unter uns, die ein analoges RGB-Signal von Ihrem C128 ausgeben möchten, wird der C128 RGBi zu RGBa Adapter perfekt mit ihrem VGA Upscaler funktionieren.

Restocked items – cynthCart64, LumaFix64, LumaFix128, TFC3+ and C128 RGBi to RGBa adapter

We have restocked the Protovision Shop with a number of items that will let you get the most from your Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 machines.

Pump out some sweet tunes with the cynthCart64 analog synthesizer cartridge, or maybe you want to reduce the jail-bar effect on your display with the LumaFix64 or LumaFix128 add-ons. Looking for a freezer / fastload solution? Then the TFC3+ cartridge will suit your needs. And for those of you looking to output an analog RGB signal from your C128 then the C128 RGBi to RGBa adapter will work perfectly with your VGA upscaler.

Lots of great items back in stock

Our Protovison Shop has been restocked with many great items to get the most from your favourite Commodore machine.

The SD2IEC cableless, C128 GEOS ROM, TFC3+, 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge and Mini X-Pander are now available to order once again.

RF Modulator Replacment jetzt verfügbar

Wenn du die Videoausgabe deines C64 verbessern willst oder einen defekten RF-Modulator hast, dann ist der RF-Modulator-Ersatz genau das Richtige für dich. Diese großartige moderne RF-Lösung ist mit den meisten Motherboard-Revisionen kompatibel und funktioniert mit NTSC- oder PAL-VIC-II-Chips. Der RF-Ersatz ist sowohl als Bausatz als auch komplett montiert erhältlich, wenn du dir den Lötkolben sparen möchtest. Bestelle hier.

RF Modulator Replacement Now Available

If you want to improve the video output of your C64 or have a defective RF Modulator then the RF Modulator Replacement is for you. This great modern day RF solution is compatible with with most motherboard revisions and works with either NTSC or PAL VIC-II chips. The RF Modular Replacement comes in both assembly kit form and as fully assembled if you are not good with the soldering iron. Place your order here.

C128 RAM Replacement available now!

The one RAM Replacement board to rule them all! The SaRuMan-128 is a lower power RAM replacement board for the Commodore 128. Replace all 16 DRAM ICs of the C128 with a single small module. Soldering skills required.

C128 RAM-Ersatz jetzt verfügbar!

Der RAM-Chip, der alle anderen in den Schatten stellt! Der SaRuMan-128 ist ein stromsparender RAM-Ersatz für den Commodore 128. Ersetze alle 16 DRAM ICs des C128 durch ein einziges kleines Modul. Lötkenntnisse erforderlich.

Restocked: TOLB PAL clock generator

How does a C64 know its processing speed? Through its clock generator. Unfortunately, it sometimes fails. But you can replace it with one of our PAL TOLBs! Tested to be fully compatible and energy efficient. Now available again in the Protovision Shop.

Restocked: C128 expansion ROM U36 – Super 81 Utilities

The expansion ROM U36 is a wonderful upgrade for your Commodore 128 which you can install without any soldering. Among the various ROMs you can choose from, we restocked the Super 81 Utilities.

Check it out and order now!

SaRuMan RAM solutions restocked

We have replenished our stock of the SaRuMan range of RAM replacement and upgrade chips. You will find that SaRuMan-64, SaRuMan-VDC and SaRuMan-TED chips are now all available to order from our Online Shop.

FM Radio Module – Grab Yours While You Can

Use your C64 to play FM radio stations with the FM Radio Module. Our initial allocation of this fun add-on sold out within days. We have just restocked our Online Shop with more units, but don’t take too long to place your order as they are sure to sell out quickly again.

The Stereo SID board ‘MixSID’ is back!

This versatile board offers stereo output through its integrated channel mixer, flexible handling of IO areas and works with any SID models. MixSID is available from our shop.

Back in stock: Prototyping Board and Cartridge Cases!

Our popular prototyping boards are back in store! If you want to design your own custom cartridge then these boards are perfect for you. And while you are at it why not put them in one of our quality cartridge cases that comes in many different colors. Place your order before they sell out again.

FM Radio for your Commodore 64

Yes, it is true! You can actually use your C64 to blast out your favourite FM radio station. The FM Radio Module by Timo Voutilainen plugs into the User Port and comes bundled with an application disk. Go on and experience something new with the best home computer and place your order now before they sell out.

A wide range of chip replacements/upgrades restocked!

The Protovision Shop is the best place to find many chip replacements or upgrades for your favourite Commodore hardware. We have restocked our supplies of 1541/1571 RAMBoards, SaRuMan, PLAnkton and C128 expansion ROM chips.
Place your orders now before they sell out again.

LumaFix – Back in Stock!

The LumaFix is a popular and easy to install solution that removes stripes, green/red lines and checkered patterns from modern displays connected via S-Video. We have both the LumaFix 64 and the LumaFix 128 back in stock. Don’t wait to place your orders for these as they will sell out quickly!

SaRuMan-TED RAM expansion available to order again

The SaRuMan-TED is the perfect solution for those looking to expand your C16/C116 computer to 64K RAM.

Featuring a switch to toggle between 16K and 64K of memory, the SaRuMan-TED is an easy Do-It-Yourself solution that requires no soldering.

Order yours now before they sell out again!

PLAnkton TED/+4 In Stock Now!

Do you have a faulty PLA chip in your Commodore 16 or Plus/4 machine? Then you need the PLAnkton, a highly compatible PLA drop-in replacement chip. Our online shop currently stocks versions compatible for both the Plus/4 and the C16 models.

Modern day C64 enhancements!

We have some great modern day devices to let you get the most out of your Commodore machines! Are you looking to load games off an SD Card at an affordable price? Then we have the cableless version of SD2IEC. How about a RAMBoard expansion for your trusty Commodore disk drives? Do you need an extra cartridge port? Then look no further than the Mini X-Pander+. Well, we stock these (along with so much more) within our Online Shop. Place your orders now!

Great modern day SID solutions now in stock

Are you looking for modern day SID solutions for your C64? Well, you will find that our online shop has what you need! ARMSID, ARM2SID and MixSID (Double-SID board) are available to order now. Get your C64 sounding the best it can before stock sells out fast.

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