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Written by Protovision

Our member Oziphantom won the C128 coding competition 2019 over at pyrofers – and now also made a #C64 version of the little game with graphics from Robin Levy that you can download for free. It is optimized for the VDC mode of the C128. Links: and

Written by Protovision

Unser Mitglied Oziphantom hat mit „Bucket Wars“ die C128 coding competition 2019 von pyrofers gewonnen – und nun auch eine #C64 – Version davon bereitgestellt, mit Grafik von Robin Levy. Das kleine Spiel kann kostenfrei heruntergeladen werden. Es ist auf den VDC-Modus des C128 optimiert. Links: and

Written by Protovision

This year brings us another stunning 4k game compo, and we think that the ‚tastic‘ part of the name prevails over the ‚crap‘ part. If you think of submitting a game, please register! Because then you’ll receive updates and info bits that could be useful.

Written by Protovision

Dieses Jahr gibt es wieder eine neue Ausgabe der genialen 4k Spielecompo namens Craptastic!
Falls Du mit dem Gedanken spielst, ein Spiel beizusteuern, registriere Dich – denn dann bekommst Du Updates zur Compo and Infos zur Teilnahme.

Written by Protovision

The F64PGC2017 has reached its finale – the winners are defined and the results are now available on Forum64 and on our website, with screenshots for each game submitted. We are extremely happy with this year’s sport based game entries – every single entry is great fun, see for yourself and download them all!

Written by Protovision

Die F64PGC2017 hat das Finale erreicht – die Gewinner sind gesetzt und die Endergebnisse sind nun im Forum64 oder bei uns verfügbar, mit Screenshots zu jedem der Spiele. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit den diesjährigen Sport-basierten Spielen – jeder einzelne Beitrag ist etwas besonderes! Schau sie dir selbst an und lade sie alle herunter!

Written by Protovision

Our first Commodore64 coop game compo with Forum64 is starting well. We have 13 teams participating already, including enthusi/Veto (known from Caren and the Tangled Tentacles), Zaadii (Hack Attack), Endurion (e.g. Soulless, Guns’n’Ghosts, Awakening), M.J. (The Three Musketeers) and our own Majikeyric (Lumberjack). Also Jammer, the musician from Caren and the Tangled Tentacles, is participating as a programmer.

Anyway, we still want more participants! Sign up NOW until October and win hundreds of Euros with your C64 sports game!
…and two more reasons to sign up:

  1. We allow also games without a single player mode now (But they will receive a 35% penalty)!
  2. We are giving away a C64 Reloaded Board (MK1) to the compo winner!

Sign up on the game competition pages.

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