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Protovision is a cooperation of enthusiastic hobbyists. We have big plans and we need your help.

Layout and manual designer

We are looking for someone who is willing and able to create manuals for us and can take on additional small layout jobs. Experience with InDesign is appreciated, but knowledge of any other layout design software is welcome.

Project coordinator

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge to get ahead…
We need someone who keeps track on varying projects, documents every step of the way and tirelessly asks each project member for the current status. Sounds like a good task for you?

Written by Protovision

Protovision has a new member: Alexander Jung aka Junale. He will be supporting us in production as well as game testing. Furthermore, he shall be representing us at retro events at times. Thank you very much for your help, Alexander!

Written by Protovision

On August 11th and 12th there will be an open air C64 camping party in Salzgitter, Germany. This will be more of a heart warming get together around the barbecue, than around hardware. Nevertheless, there will be a projector, a demo- and game compo and a shuttle service to the party.

Written by Protovision

We have a new talent in the group and are really proud that Hend joined the team as a new graphic artist.

Hend was also involved in the International Karate Ultimate release.




Written by Protovision

Sam’s Journey works from sd2iec devices now,
thanks to the latest firmware update from Unseen!

Firmware Download:
Technical background:

Simply export all files from the D64 images into a folder.
Skip files with the same name (these are identical).

Finally, remove the PRG extension from the exported files!

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Written by Protovision

Sadly, all emails that are sent from our provider are currently regarded as spam by Microsoft/Hotmail and will not be delivered.

It is therefore possible that some of our customers do not receive emails from the shop system!
We have filed a complaint – our provider is working on resolving the issue.

Written by Protovision

Simon Green (aka nomiStake) is now a valued member of our team.
He has already helped us alot with the production of Sam’s Journey and the upcoming cartridge release of It’s Magic 2.

We are happy and proud to have him in the team and are looking forward to many joint endeavours!

Written by Protovision

The C64 dust covers helps against dust, stains of different kind and scratches, the cynthCART, the 1541 diagnostic cartridge and Rescuing Orc Collector’s Edition are back in stock.

We now also have the cassette version of Rescuing Orc in the shop.

Written by Protovision

We have a new url! It has been bugging us for years that we didn’t have a simple protovision url, but all fitting urls had been taken already.

But now we are happy with the new url!

Memorize it now! Spread the word! We’ll also keep the old urls, though.

Written by Protovision

We’re continuing our pursuit to strengthen up and get a strong development team again. We are proud to welcome two new faces onboard: The graphician and musician Rotteroy/Megastyle and our new coder Claus, known from the game „Time of silence„.

Time of Silence 2 is in the making – have a look at Claus‘ development blog here:

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