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09.10.2010 wurde vor Kurzem relauncht und in Replay Resources umbenannt.

Jetzt mit:

  • Allem über Freezer von Action Replay bis Super Snapshot
  • Besonderer Fokus auf „Replay basierte“ Plattformen
  • Kernal ROMs und Speeder (Speed DOS, JiffyDOS und einige mehr)
  • Cartridge-basierte Speeder
  • Zugehörige Hardware von REU und Expansionsport-Expander bis zu Parallel- und Nullmodem-Kabeln
  • ROMs und Software für fast alles – ordentlich sortiert.
  • Gallerien
  • und

  • POKES zu Spielen!
  • Lemon64 Forum-Thread
    CSDb Forum-Thread

    Die oben genannten Threads sind auf der Startseite verlinkt, so dass man schon mal mit kommentieren, meckern und Material einreichen anfangen kann – entweder dort oder per PN/E-Mail.

    Viel Spaß! relaunched and @H:Replay Resources,2010 has recently been relaunched and renamed to Replay Resources.

    Now featuring:

  • About all freezers from Action Replay to Super Snapshot
  • Special focus on „Replay based“ platforms
  • Kernal ROMs and Speeders (Speed DOS, JiffyDOS and quite a few more)
  • Cartridge based speeders
  • Related hardware ranging from REU and Expansion port expanders to Parallel and Null modem cables
  • ROMs and Software to about anything – properly sorted.
  • Galleries
  • and

  • POKES to games!
  • Lemon64 forum thread
    CSDb forums thread

    The above threads are linked up on the main page so you may start commenting, ranting and submit material either there or via pm/email.


    Action Replay & Clones Acid Ramtest v0.1 released

    Action Replay & Clones Acid Ramtest v0.1 by Count Zero tests the accessibility of the RAM and was created due to a problem found on various emulations including RR, MMCR, 1541U and VICE (up to 2.2.6).

    Run this with your cart enabled and any valid ROM to ensure initial setup.

    This simple rundown of possible values EXPECTS some FAILS. Don’t worry, check the scoring at the end.

    Get it from CSDb.

    Action Replay & Clones Acid Ramtest veröffentlicht

    Action Replay & Clones Acid Ramtest v0.1 von Count Zero testet die Erreichbarkeit des RAMs und wurde aufgrund eines Problems innerhalb mehrerer Emulationen in RR, MMCR, 1541U und VICE (bis 2.2.6) geschrieben.

    Starte es mit deinem Modul und einem beliebigen gültigen ROM, um ein Setup zu gewährleisten.

    Bei diesem simplen Abarbeiten von möglichen Werten sind einige FEHLER zu ERWARTEN. Keine Sorge, überprüfe das Ergebnis am Ende.

    Download bei der CSDb.

    sd2brwse 32k and 64k ROMs for MMC Replay/Retro Replay

    MisterMsk created 2 ROMs for the MMC Replay/Retro Replay. This is the sd2brwse light file browser for the uIEC and the SD2IEC drives by Hannu Nuotio. It was version 0.6 that was modified.
    MisterMsk (with the help of people from Lemon64 and has added a 3 second delay to the program and changed the colors a little. He also changed it so it defaults to lower case. Finally, it defaults to the SD2IEC/uIEC being drive 8 (since most games use this by default.).

    There have been two updates lately. Also, 32k and 64k images have been made into CRT files for emulators. Forum thread

    Hardware availability

    MMC Replay is completely sold out. It is still unsure whether there will be another batch of MMCRs. The manufacturer is currently concentrating on the new Chameleon cartridge.
    However, a remaining stock of the Retro Replay freezer cartridge is available again (limited stock!).

    The Competition Pro Joystick can be obtained again as well, either as single joystick(s), or in form of the limited Competition Pro 4 Player Bundle: 4 Competition Pro joysticks and one 4 Player Interface at a reduced price.
    The ethernet card RR-Net is on stock again, too.

    Did you know? RR-Net and MP3@64 also fit on the new IDE64, available from
    Last but not least, Cartridge Cases are also available in yellow now!

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