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Das MP3@64 ist endgültig ausverkauft.

RR-Net, die Netzwerkkarte für MMC Replay, MMC64, Retro Replay und IDE64 V4.1, ist nun wieder auf Lager.
Für weitere Details besuche diese Website.
Für Bestellungen besuche unseren Online Shop.

Hardware Availabilities

MP3@64 is sold out for good.

RR-Net, the netword card for MMC Replay, MMC64, Retro Replay and IDE64 V4.1, is back in stock now.
Check this website for more details.
For ordering visit our Online Shop.

Contiki V2.4 New Release! Download includes Breadbox64

The „Contiki 2.4 binary release for Retrocomputing“ has been released. It is available at

and at

This release was built using cc65 2.13.2 from (modified) Contiki 2.4 sources. The orginal sources are available at

and the modifications at

Contiki 1.x integrated all programs into a common GUI as windows. Very cool but very complex to write programs for. In fact there was never a Contiki 1.x GUI program which was not developed by the Contiki core team – and as the Contiki core team doesn’t develop GUI programs anymore Contiki 1.x was sort of a deadend street.

So in order to ease development of 3rd-party Contiki program Oliver Schmidt modified Contiki 2.x to focus on individual standalone programs with a fullscreen GUI. This simplification significantly reduced the memory consumption thus allowing to replace custom „hacks“ with generic cc65 components:
– C-library startup code
– Linker config file
– CONIO library
– Mouse driver

As a result, Contiki 2.x contains only very little assembler coding and even less target-specific assembler coding. This allowed for easy porting to targets beside the C64 namely the C128 and Apple II. Porting to other cc65 targets wasn’t done due to missing Ethernet hardware.

Contiki 2.4 is the first 2.x release to contain the following programs:
– dhcp client
– web server
– web browser
– wget
– smtp client
– irc client
– Twitter client

The Twitter client called BREADBOX64 proves that the Contiki 2.x approach was actual successful as it was independently developed by the 3rd-party developer Johan Van den Brande.

Another contribution to this release worthwhile mentioning is the CBM filesystem implemented by Soci which is both very compact and includes fast IDE64 I/O support on the C64.

Ontop of lots of other improvements, especially the following issues were fixed:
– Malfunctioning DNS lookup
– Missing PETSCII conversion for the smtp credentials
– Incorrect fixing of all disk I/O to drive 8

geoLink 1.01 released

geoLink – the IRC client for GEOS by ShadowM – has been updated to V1.01.

For more details including download visit

Hardware Availabilities

RR-Net and MP3@64 are back in stock. Both items can be ordered via our Online Shop.

geoLink 1.00 is out

ShadowM released V1.00 of his geoLink – an IRC client for GEOS.
Please visit for more information.

Hardware Availabilities

The Retro Replay is sold out for good. The RR-Net and the MP3@64 are temporarily out of stock.

New netboot65 Release

jonnosan released another version (1.0.30) of netboot65, the main change being a fix for a bug (introduced in the previous release) which stopped inbound connections working (including the web application server function in KipperKart).

Find the release here. Forum thread


WebNoter is a quick demo app jonnosan made to show off KipperKart at a local scene party this weekend. He is pretty sure this is the first C64 demo with an embedded web server 🙂

Download from CSDb. Forum thread

Hardware availability

MMC Replay is completely sold out. It is still unsure whether there will be another batch of MMCRs. The manufacturer is currently concentrating on the new Chameleon cartridge.
However, a remaining stock of the Retro Replay freezer cartridge is available again (limited stock!).

The Competition Pro Joystick can be obtained again as well, either as single joystick(s), or in form of the limited Competition Pro 4 Player Bundle: 4 Competition Pro joysticks and one 4 Player Interface at a reduced price.
The ethernet card RR-Net is on stock again, too.

Did you know? RR-Net and MP3@64 also fit on the new IDE64, available from
Last but not least, Cartridge Cases are also available in yellow now!

NetBoot65 – TFTP, Telnet, Gopher and HTTPD for the C64

There is a new release (v1.0.25) of the increasingly inaccurately named NETBOOT65 by jonnosan, which now includes:

  • NetBoot – the original „boot a c64 via tftp“ cartridge image
  • KipperKart – net booting, SID player, web application server and more
  • KipperGo – a gopher and simple telnet (vt100 and petscii) cartridge image
  • KipperTerm – telnet client (vt100 and petscii) plus XMODEM support

See for more.

geoLink version 0.96 beta is out

ShadowM implemented IP65 (a TCP/IP stack for RR-Net) into GEOS and wrote a small chat client for it.

Look here:

Protovision Update

Both the MMC64 and Retro Replay are out of stock. The manufacturer has confirmed that there will be new editions of both, but unfortunately it is still unsure when that will happen. It could be weeks or even months. More information as soon as we receive it.

It is time for a little anniversary: Around one month ago, on 22nd August 2007, the Protovision Online Shop reached the magic number of 1000 shipped orders!

Software news for hardware we distribute:

At last a faster and more reliable D64 reader for MMC64 has been released. Reads a disk side in about 80 seconds instead of almost 10 minutes. The archive includes versions for the C64 and C128. The C128 version is slightly faster (5 seconds). At the moment the plugin will only work with FAT16. Get it at CSDb.

CSDb entry
Lemon64 thread
Forum64 thread

hannenz has released a REU Plugin for MMC64 that can dump and restore your REU contents from or to a dump file on the SD/MMC card. Currently it works on FAT16 only. Head to the CSDb for it.

CSDb entry
Lemon64 thread
Forum64 thread

Please give the authors some feedback! Thanks!

At Stream 2007, Fairlight released a Main-#2 invite. It was coded by Hollowman while Zabutom composed the music.
Main-#2, coupled with the Data Airlines Festival, is going to take place from 1st to 4th November 2007 at Espace Julian in Marseille, France. Check the party homepage at
You can download the invitation demo from CSDb. An MMC64 version is avaiable as well.

Oxidy/Fairlight released a new version of 0xPaint: version 1.2. 0xPaint (formely known as WDStudio) is a tool for creating C64 graphics under Windows. It supports RR-Net: There are options for transferring pictures to C64 or 1541 and a small CodeNet GUI.

New in v1.2:
The following features were added: undo, recent, line, continuous line, circle, different pens, fullscreen preview, integration with BMP2SpriteConverter. Several bugs have been fixed. Renamed to 0xPaint due to change of group.

For more information and download visit the 0xPaint homepage or CSDb.

0xPaint homepage
CSDb entry

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