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PLAnkton TED/+4

PLAnkton TED/+4

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The well known and highly compatible PLA drop-in replacement chip PLAnkton is now available for +4 computers. It is designed for the tight space within a Plus/4 and replaces the original PLA 251641-02. The +4 version of PLAnkton is a special low profile version to avoid short circuits with the keyboard's metal plate. Using a PLAnkton TED in a Commodore Plus/4 can cause a short circuit there and damage the computer.

It uses a sophisticated chain reaction delay to ensure full compatibility with all versions of the TED/264 series computers and exploits the abilities provided by this modern IC. The result is a PLA replacement that is fully compatible with ALL TED based Commodore computers cartridges and peripherals and consumes only 20mA - one fifth the power of an original Commodore PLA - which means it will run very cool. It's equipped with slim Preci-DIP pins that won't damage your original socket to ensure the highest reliability and longevity.

Features and characteristics:
  • Draws only 20mA - 1/5th the power of an original Commodore PLA, the same as a small green LED
  • Produces no discernable heat
  • Designed by qualified professionals using actual electrical engineering practices to produce electrical signals of EXACTLY the same voltages as a genuine Commodore PLA and speed within +/-2ns of accuracy
  • Made using industry standard circuit boards, new parts and professional soldering and assembly methods no basement tinkering techniques, prototype grade boards or surplus parts
  • 100% compatible (actually tested) with ALL PAL & NTSC TED computers including the C16, C116 and Plus/4
  • Made only using new, currently available, genuine Xilinx circuits purchased from an authorized distributor
  • Industry grade Preci-DIP (made in Switzerland) pins for best reliability and longevity
  • Each individual units fully tested before shipping
  • Special white markings to make sure you don't confuse it with the C64 version
  • Shipped in anti-static protective material
  • 3 year replacement guarantee

Users of the C16 and C116 can buy the less expensive PLAnkton-TED, which is taller. A PLAnkton +4 can be used in any TED computer.

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