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Written by Protovision

You need a video cable for your C64 and a TV, a traditional monitor or projector via SVIDEO or composite? Protovision has restocked its wide variety of cables for you. Also floppy cables are restocked. Buy here.

Written by Protovision

One cable that has it all? Our All-in-One cable has outlets for svideo (mini din), scart and composite. With this cable, you will be able to connect most projectors or TVs. Buy here.

Written by Protovision

Some TVs have an svideo scart in, others (esp. projectors) only work with composite. With this cable, you have a solution for both cases! Check it out here.

Written by Protovision

In search of a fitting monitor or disk drive cable? We have restocked a lot of cables, so drop by to see what you might need! Get it here.

Written by Protovision

After a long pause we have finally found a reliable supplier for C64 cables and have restocked different kinds of cables, e.g. video cables or joystick extension cables.

If you need a C64 cable that we do not offer, let us know.

Written by Trixter

Just arrived: 1.80 meter long joystick extension cords for 9.99€. If you’d like to give your C64 a little more space (and like their pleasant design), don’t wait too long – we only have limited supplies. Find more info in our shop.

Written by Trixter

We are now offering the ByteBlaster MV by individual Computers for 13% off. You can use this JTAG cable to program Altera chips with Quartus II software without having to buy any further equipment. We originally offered this cable for the sold-out 8 Bit Baby, but it should work with any other hardware project using these chips.

If you feel you need one, grab them now – there is only a very limited number of cables available, and we will not get any new ones. The new price is EUR 14.

Written by MacGyver

Mini DIN (S-Video) Cable for LCD TVs connects a C64 to a LCD or Plasma TV. This cable features a 300 ohm resistor on the chroma signal, and an audio-in noise modification.
It can now be obtained from our Online Shop.

Written by MacGyver

The new Video/Monitor cable (2 in 1) is now available!
Decide where you want to plug your C64 in: monitor or TV!
The cable can be ordered from our Online Shop.

Written by MacGyver

The STAR COMMANDER and the STAR UTILITIES have both been updated to version 0.83. More information and download links can be found at the website:

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