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We develop and sell NEW games, hardware and other stuff for the good old Commodore C64.

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Galencia available NOW in Protovision shop!
Written by JTR

Galencia can now be obtained from the Protovision shop, and we are revealing the
feelies that ship with the game.

Take a look at the glass coaster, the bee key ring, the two available posters and all the different versions of Galencia: disk boxed, cartridge boxed, tape boxed, tape without box, combined disk & cartridge box.

Galencia comes with a full color 16 pages manual that stands out as every page is styled beautifully.

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(How to) Order Sam’s Journey NOW!
Written by JTR

We have sent an email to everyone who registered for Sam’s Journey explaining how to pay and finalize the order.

However many of you have not received this email, so…

here is the information:

  • simply order Sam’s Journey from our online shop
  • if you had registered Sam we will recognize this by matching the email in the shop with the email used in the registration
  • if you used a different email, please leave a comment with your order including the email address used in the registration process

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Changed payment methods
Written by JTR

We have decided to deactivate PayPal payments for German customers and open up SEPA payments instead.

Within the EU, we now allow both kinds of payment and would like to ask you to use SEPA with preference.

The reason for this change is that we are having serious trouble with our PayPal account as PayPal risk management has blocked all our funds on the account.

For payment from outside the EU, PayPal is still the only payment method available.


Want to save postage? Now you can!
Written by JTR

For those who have ordered a physical release of Sam’s Journey, we have implemented an option into our shop to save postage.

You can chose to receive your new order together with Sam and pay only the difference between the postage of the combined order and the postage already paid.

Just order as you usually do and chose „Add to Sam order“ as the shipping method (this option only appears if you have previously ordered and paid Sam.)

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NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: New games at Psytronik
Written by JTR

Argus is now available at Psytronik.
The game has an interesting design and user interface as you step through a fake 3D world.
Sadly, the collectable items are not explained in the manual.

Also available now is the brilliant C16 & C64 game Slipstream.
It also introduced new boxes from Psytronik – now they also have fully printed carboard boxes.







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C64 cables available again!
Written by JTR

After a long pause we have finally found a reliable supplier for C64 cables and have restocked different kinds of cables, e.g. video cables or joystick extension cables.

If you need a C64 cable that we do not offer, let us know.

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Galencia physical edition coming soon
Written by JTR

The Galaga style C64 shooter Galencia will be available within the next weeks.

Everything is ready, but we are still waiting for the boxes to arrive, before we can make Galencia available to you.

We expect them to arrive in two weeks.
Galencia will be available on disk, cartridge and cassette!

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End of F64PGC sign up phase
Written by JTR

We are happy with a whopping 15 participants who have signed up to this year’s sports themed C64 game competition!

Forum64 & Protovision game compo is now going into the next phase:
signup phase is completed, now all participants are working on their projects for handing them in until end of April 2018.

All entries will be released for free presumably in June.
There are some stunning videos/screenshots already available for some of the entries:

Commodore Golf animation


Dangerous Sports Deadly Sports


NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Thalamus Hunter’s Moon Remastered: funded!
Written by JTR

Thalamus is really back in business!

Their first Kickstarter project – Hunter’s Moon Remastered – has been a great success!

As numerous stretch goals were reached – including new types of levels, a new intro/outro sequence and an illustrated manual – the game will not be released in Febuary as initially planned, but it will take a bit more time to complete all the extras.

Protovision is the official and exclusive after sales partner of Thalamus, so if you missed out on the Kickstarter, don’t worry!

You will be able to buy Hunter’s Moon from the Protovision shop in the future.

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New 8-bit game on Kickstarter: Nogalious The Chronicles
Written by JTR

Nogalious The Chronicles is an ambitious action game project for multiple platforms, including the C64, MSX, Spectrum and CPC.
The game is currently available on cassette, cartridge or in digital format for the Commodore C64.

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