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C64-Chips & Platinen aufgestockt
Für alle, die ihren Commodore hardwareseitig finetunen wollen, haben wir einige Platinen aufgestockt – wieder verfügbar sind:
* LumaFix64
* Trackdisplay (Einbau-Set)
* 1571 RAMBoard

C64 Chips & Circuits restocked
For those looking to fine tune their experience tinkering with C64 hardware then look no further as the Protovision Shop has restocked the following items:
* LumaFix64
* Trackdisplay (assembly set)
* 1571 RAMBoard

Great range of Chips, Circuits and Utility Carts back in stock

We have a number of items from our Chips & Circuits category and a couple of utility cart items back in stock at the Protovision Shop. Available to order again are the Trackdisplay (assembly set), the 1541 RAMBoard, the 1571 RAMBoard, the LumaFix64, the cynthCART and the 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge.

1541 RamBoard wieder verfügbar

Die beliebte Erweiterung für dein 1541 oder 1571-Laufwerk ist wieder im Protovision-Shop zu haben. Hier kaufen!

1541 RamBoard back in stock

The popular enhancement for your 1541 or 1571 drive is available again from the Protovision Shop. Buy here!

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