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Nur bei Protovision: Reset #14

BANG! Das Reset Magazin #14 ist nun in einer limitierten Auflage im Protovision-Shop erhältlich. In dieser Ausgabe geht es um Run’n’Guns und bietet 80 Seiten voll mit Interviews, Reviews and anderen tollen Artikeln rund um den C64.

Protovision Exclusive – Reset #14

BANG! We are excited to announce that physical copies of Reset #14 can now be purchased from the Protovision-Shop. This run’n’gun themed issue is packed with 80 pages of interviews, reviews and other fun articles around our beloved C64.

Reset #12 available on itch

The new issue of Reset is out! It features a fantastic review of Space Moguls and gives a first glance of the upcoming Protovision title „Wild Woods“ as well as RGCD/Psytronik’s brilliant Aviator Arcade 2! This time, Reset is digital only as part of the staff wasn’t on board. The next issue will most likely receive a printed release again.

Reset #11 jetzt in der Auslieferung

Wir haben endlich die heiß ersehnten Reset-Ausgaben von der Druckerei bekommen:
Sieht alles klasse aus, vor allem die Poster!

Bis Ende Juni lassen wir Reset noch zum Vorverkaufspreis stehen – danach wird die Reset wie angekündigt teurer.

Reset #11 now being dispatched

Finally! We received the Reset magazines from the printer.
Looks really great, especially the poster!

We will leave Reset at the preorder price until end of June. After that, the mag will become more expensive as announced.

Reset #11 now with reduced postage!

Reset #11 is now available with reduced international shipping from the Protovision shop! The magazine is now available for a €7.50 shipping fee instead of the previous €11.50 for international orders! We also added an option to fold the poster, because if you take the unfolded (=rolled) poster, it would again increase postage due to more packaging required.

If you have already ordered:
If you ordered without a poster, lean back: we will reimburse the extra money you paid. Please be patient, this might take a while.
In case you have ordered the poster, we will treat this as an order for the rolled poster and in that case the shipping costs are correct, so no money will be returned.
If you want to change to folded poster instead to save €4.00 on shipping – please drop us a line via our contact form on

How did this happen?
We had to learn it the hard way. For Reset #11, we needed to estimate the weight of the product before we have it printed. For this, we used an online calculator where you put in the specifications of the paper used and an „amount“. We put in the amount of 80, for 80 pages. That was wrong. Correct is 40, because the calculator calculates the weight of the paper sheets used, not the pages, because every sheet has one page on its front and one on its back. So that’s why we had the postage so high – we estimated the weight incorrectly (this is the first time we included a preorder option for a magazine)!

Reset Magazine now available from Protovision

The new Reset #11 will be available from our store instead of Psytronik’s, where it was available before.

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