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Yeti Mountain
Yeti Mountain


It’s been happening a lot lately, but this last disappearance is different, at least to me. Chris Piriah is my friend. He was a ski instructor and in excellent physical condition. He knows his way around mountain ranges. This doesn’t sound right. I need to head on over to Yeti Lodge Resort and find out what has happened to him.

Yeti Mountain is a multi-genre interactive adventure game developed by a talented team headed by Russell Mills. Spread out across three distinct episodes as you set out to Yeti Lodge Resort to investigate the suspicious disappearance of your best friend Chris.

The first episode is a quest based RPG-style exploration game where you interact with characters, participate in ski events and explore the Resort surroundings in order to uncover clues.

The second episode provides multi-scrolling platform action as you gain entrance to the Yeti’s lair and explore its diverse environments filled with traps and subterranean fauna.

The final episode sees you take to the slopes again as you ski your way down to the bottom of Yeti Mountain - stopping along the way to partake in some casual puzzle solving as you try to restore power back to emergency warning stations.


  • Multi-genre gaming styles - quest based exploration, skiing mini games, multi-scrolling action platforming, puzzle based platform and more!
  • Intricate supernatural story narrative
  • Non-linear game play
  • Three different game world settings
  • Sophisticated ski engine with multi-directional scrolling, two degrees of turning left or right and randomised course layouts
  • Multiple endings based on choices you make during the game
  • NPC characters and interaction littered with pop culture references from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s
  • Optional side quests
  • High quality cinematic cut scenes
  • Atmospheric SID music soundtrack (21 carefully crafted sound pieces!)
  • In game saves
  • PAL and NTSC compatible

Development status:
Digital Release available

Code and graphics: Russell Mills
Additional graphics: Monte Boyd
Music and SFX: Røly
Story concept: Louie Dimovski
Game design: Russell Mills and Louie Dimovski
Box artwork: John Henderson
Manufacturing: Tim Jakob Chen-Voos


Status updates:

Yeti Mountain update – Reset Stage Progress Added
(News written on 20.01.2024)

A new version release of Yeti Mountain is now available. This update introduces a ‚Reset Stage‘ option at all save checkpoints that will allow you reset the countdown timer without restarting the game all over again. This option will be useful for those of you who find that you have saved your game with very little time left on the countdown timer.

For stage 1, resetting your progress means that your timer will be reinstated to 60 minutes but you will lose any clues you have collected and any items found after interrogating the key witness (you keep all other items and your ski completions are retained).

For stage 2, resetting your progress means that your timer will be reinstated to 60 minutes but all stage 2 progress will be lost (this allows you to play through stage 2 again without having to complete stage 1).

If you wish to retain your save progress from the original release version, please make sure to save that progress to disk and then load up that disk save using the new release build.

To download the new version of Yeti Mountain, simply use the download link you were provided when you made your purchase of the game.

Yeti Mountain – Review and Interview
(News written on 16.01.2024)

We are pleased to see so many positive responses to our latest C64 release – Yeti Mountain. If you have not tried the game out yet or maybe want to find out more about this multi-genre game adventure then be sure to check out BastichB 64K’s review on Yeti Mountain which includes a great interview with a couple of team members behind the game.

Yeti Mountain – Digital Release Today!
(News written on 12.01.2024)

We are pleased to announce that the digital version of Yeti Mountain is now available in both the Protovision Shop and the Protovision page.

Dust off your ski equipment and your investigative skills as you head off on a multi-genre gaming adventure to find the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of your best friend from Yeti Mountain. Is the dangerous natural terrain to blame or is there something else lurking in the shadows?

The physical version of Yeti Mountain will become available later on in 2024 and will also become our GOLD release for this year.

Yeti Mountain – Official Game Trailer
(News written on 22.12.2023)

We know that a lot of you are looking forward to playing our upcoming release of Yeti Mountain for the C64. While the team behind the game carry out their last stages of testing, check out the official video trailer for the game.

Upcoming Protovision Game: Yeti Mountain
(News written on 14.12.2023)

We are very pleased to announce the next Protovision game – watch out for the story driven, multi-genre Yeti Mountain!

This full scale C64 game is Russel Mills‘ debut title (with lots of involvement of other Protovision folks) and it turned out wonderful! The rpg-skiing-platform-action game is spread out across three distinct episodes as you set out to Yeti Lodge Resort to investigate the suspicious disappearance of your best friend Chris.

Looking for something out of the ordinary to play on your C64? Then Yeti Mountain has you covered.

Yeti Mountain will also become our Gold Cart Release in 2024. Find out more here.

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