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Retro Replay
Retro ReplayThe Retro Replay freezer cartridge from individual Computers holds 2 adjustable FlashROMs. You can choose for every reset which of the cartridge-ROMs you want to use.

This device is no longer available!
The MMC64 (SD/MMC card reader) and the Commodore Award winner Retro Replay (freezer module) were merged into one cartridge: the MMC Replay.

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BIOS/ROM Version: Retro Replay ROM v3.8p (PAL)
Flash Utility: Flash Utility v3.8 patch

There is a lot of software available:
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Keep in mind: Use at your own risk! We are not responsible for damages caused by the use of programs/demos/tools/plugins listed below. The listed applications have not been developed by Protovision or on its behalf. There is no business relationship between Protovision and the authors. In the case of problems with one of the listed applications contact the respective programmer.


The Final ReplayThe Final Replay by Oxyron is a new multifunction ROM for the Retro Replay. It brings you a cartridge similar to The Final Cartridge III in combination with some advantages of the Action Replay MK 6. Together with an RR-Net, the network functions NetDrive (network drive) and CodeNet (network server) can be used.

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Retro Replay ROM v3.8qRetro Replay ROM v3.8q by Jockstrap is a special version of Cyberpunx Retro Replay cartridge ROM V3.8p, modified to support CodeNet. However, you have to patch your desired MAC address and IP number by hand with a hex editor.

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RR Utility ROMRR utility ROM by FMan is a utility ROM for the Retro Replay. It features the copy tools "File Copier" for single files, "Single Hack'em" for whole disksides and the disk monitor "Disk Files".

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FMEEPROMPPFMEEPROMPP (short form for FMan's EEPROM Programming Program, aka FMan's RR thingie) by FMan enables you to flash your RR block-per-block, erase any block, erase full flash memory and flash new programs. It contains a friendly user interface.

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Custom ROM BuilderCustom ROM Builder tool by FMan. Now you can create your own Retro Replay ROMs. This Amiga/PC utility creates a flash-ready ROM image with a bootmenu from programs of your choice.

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netboot65netboot65 by Slack_ includes:
- NetBoot - the original "boot a c64 via tftp" cartridge image
- KipperKart - net booting, SID player, web application server and more
- KipperGo - a gopher and simple telnet (vt100 and petscii) cartridge image
- KipperTerm - telnet client (vt100 and petscii) plus XMODEM support

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