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We develop and sell NEW games, hardware and other stuff for the good old Commodore C64.

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Sam’s Journey *and* Galencia are Games of the Year!
Written by JTR

We are very proud that BOTH games that we have published in 2017 have been selected as ‚Game of the Year‘ by different juries.

The C64 platformer Sam’s Journey was crowned GOTY by the (very informative!) portal „Indieretronews“ and the C64 action shooter Galencia got first in the poll of the Reset magazine, with Planet Golf and Sam’s Journey right behind.

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Still waiting for Sam’s Journey?
Written by Poison

Here is an update:
When we started shipping out the C64 game Sam’s Journey end of December, we had an overall of about 400 orders since October. We never had to send out so many games at one time!

And above all, our distribution guy (Jakob Voos) is in hospital now due to complications with a wisdom tooth removal, which might delay the shipments for another 1-2 weeks.

Within the last 3 weeks we received ANOTHER 400 orders (it would be 500 if Sam wasn’t sold out)!

It will still take many weeks until all Sams are delivered.
We hope you will have an abundance of patience with us.

We can assure you, however, that

Sam’s Journey & sd2iec
Written by JTR

Sam’s Journey works from sd2iec devices now,
thanks to the latest firmware update from Unseen!

Firmware Download:
Technical background:

Simply export all files from the D64 images into a folder.
Skip files with the same name (these are identical).

Finally, remove the PRG extension from the exported files!


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Sam’s Journey now available on
Written by JTR

The new C64 platformer Sam’s Journey is now also available on
In the Protovision shop, the downloads section is only available for customers from Germany or from outside the EU.

So if you are an EU citizen and want to buy Sam digitally, is your friend.


Live shots from Galencia
Written by JTR

You know why we love making C64 games? Because we have the best customers in the world!
See how these great personalities treat Galencia as they should:

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Live shots from Sam’s Journey
Written by JTR

We have seen the first Sam’s Journey boxes at our customers‘!
Also dozens of unboxing and play videos can be found in the net.

Thank you so much… after the long time we have invested into Sam, it is wonderful to now see it through the eyes of our customers.

A selection:


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Sam is not limited
Written by JTR

A clarification: We have no intention to limit Sam’s Journey.
If you couldn’t get hold of a Sam’s Journey box from the first batch, no worries!

We will produce more Sams.
However at the moment our primary focus is to deliver all existing orders.

Only after that is done, we will produce more of Sam’s Journey.


Email problems with our internet provider
Written by JTR

Sadly, all emails that are sent from our provider are currently regarded as spam by Microsoft/Hotmail and will not be delivered.

It is therefore possible that some of our customers do not receive emails from the shop system!
We have filed a complaint – our provider is working on resolving the issue.


New member: nomiStake
Written by JTR

Simon Green (aka nomiStake) is now a valued member of our team.
He has already helped us alot with the production of Sam’s Journey and the upcoming cartridge release of It’s Magic 2.

We are happy and proud to have him in the team and are looking forward to many joint endeavours!


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