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We are pleased to present Oziphantom’s Development Diary for his new Robyn Hood project. This a series of videos sharing the ongoing development on Robyn Hood, providing lots of interesting insights and showing the frustrations that developers typically experience when tackling large game projects.

The first episode covers Oziphantom’s vision for the game and can be viewed here:

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We are happy to announce that Zeta Wing by Sarah Jane Avory has been voted by the C64 community as the most popular game for 2020. We are very pleased that Protovision was able to secure 3 places in the top 10 (Zeta Wing, MW Ultra and Outrage). Check out the video presentation by Retro Gamer Nation for full results!

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Sarah Jane Avory is still adding new items, spells and skills to Briley Witch Chronicles. This is how Smokey recently learned Fishing.
Also, the game has became quite huge in size: 512K cartridge space is already 98% used!

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The results of Indie Retro News C64 Game Awards 2020 have been published… and Protovision has taken out two of the three awards!
Award for the C64 Game of the Year went to MW ULTRA by Covert Bitops while the C64 Budget Game of the Year was awarded to Zeta Wing by Sarah Jane Avory.
We are very happy and congratulate all the other nominees!
For the full article, click here.

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Sarah Jane Avory has added additional combat magic to her game Briley Witch Chronicles – in particular, multi-target attacks. However, this feature is also implemented for enemies. Thus, combat becomes much more interesting right away…
Furthermore, the "Difficulty Setting" screen has been reworked again. Currently it looks like this:

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Our never sleeping Sarah Jane Avory currently balances her RPG Briley Witch Chronicles. Also, she reworks the Difficulty Setting screen.

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Eine ganze Reihe Protovision-Spiele wurden für den RGN-Award nominiert: MW ULTRA, Zeta Wing, Wormhole, Planet X2.1 und Outrage.
Sofern noch nicht geschehen, stimme jetzt ab!

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We have a number of Protovision games nominated for the RGN award: MW ULTRA, Zeta Wing, Wormhole, Planet X2.1 and Outrage.
If you haven’t done so already, vote now!

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Sarah Jane Avory has been working hard over the holiday season to ensure that gamer’s can fully enjoy playing her great new horizontal shooter – Soul Force, by providing support for a wider range of devices. The set of digital images for the game have been updated in order to improve compatibility with THEC64 (Mini & Maxi), along with the Ultimate 64 / 1541 Ultimate II+ as well.
We recommend that you use the newly added GS64 version for the THEC64 while Ultimate 64 / 1541 Ultimate II+ users should use the updated EasyFlash version. To access the updated digital file images, customers can simply re-download Soul Force from our respective shop! Also, make sure to check out the included readme file for further instructions.
Haven’t bought the game yet? Well, you can grab your copy right now from the Protovision Shop or alternatively, our page!

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Instead of taking a rest after completing Soul Force, Sarah Jane Avory resumed development of her C64 RPG Briley Witch Chronicles. As for that, she published not one but even two new videos for you to enjoy!

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