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Written by Protovision

The highly popular C64 shooter Galencia that won Game Of The Year in 2017 is still a hot product – all versions of the game are available again from Protovision now. Buy here.

Written by Protovision

If you have not seen the exceptional intro to Hunter’s Moon Remastered from Thalamus yet, have a look here! The limited physical edition of Hunter’s Moon Remastered can be obtained exclusively from the Protovision-Shop.  Watch here / Buy here.

Written by Protovision

The C64 game The Bear Essentials from Pond/Poly.Play is now available again in its wonderful physical package. Checkit it out here.

Written by Protovision

Reminder: Thalamus‘ outstanding shooter Hunter’s Moon Remastered is on sale only until end of January. Grab it now!

Written by Protovision

We are happy and honoured – Neutron / Protovision by Sarah Jane Avory has been awarded Game of The Year 2019 by Retro Gamer Nation… Grab the game for free or toss a few coins over to Sarah here!

Written by Protovision

Wir sind glücklich und stolz – Neutron / Protovision von Sarah Jane Avory wurde von Retro Gamer Nation zum Spiel des Jahres 2019 gekürt… Hol Dir das Spiel gratis hier oder zahle was Du willst.

Written by Protovision

We’ve decided to extend our winter sale until the end of January.
Order now and save €5 on the basic and deluxe editions of this game from Thalamus! Order now!

Written by Protovision

The C65 project was cancelled by Commodore. But thanks to the MEGA65 project, this supercomputer receives a new life! We had donated a copy of Sam’s Journey to the team and the first test results are dazzling: Sam runs without any glitches or flaws on the current prototype of MEGA65! That promises a high compatibility and wakes the appetite for this upcoming megacomputer.

Written by Protovision

Freeze has voted Doc Cosmos the game of the year! Not bad for a 16k game, eh? It is really brilliant. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can download it for free from here.

Written by Protovision

Season’s greetings from Protovision: Sarah has made a santastic version if the C64 space shooter Neutron for you to enjoy! Feel free to download it from here:

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