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The deadline for the F64PGC2017, which we are running in cooperation with Forum64, is extended by one more month (to the end of May), since more than half of the contestants have voted for this.
Three games have already been submitted, and more are in the works!
As usual, there are some super sweet prizes to be won this year: a C64 Reloaded MK1 in a Dallas Moore Kickstarter housing, as well as a Xentax FM-YAM.

Written by Protovision

We have restocked Sam, Galencia and Bear. Also Rescuing Orc is available.

We are working on restocking Heroes & Cowards and D42-Adventure System with a multi-lingual box design (the old one was German only).

We are close to completing the long list of orders we’ve had, and shall be returning to faster delivery times soon.

Written by Protovision

„The game looks almost like a Jeff Minter sensory overload“ – woohoo, that’s MAH!

RetroGamerNation posted a marvellous playthrough of our action packed, psychedelic game MAH






Written by Protovision

A new multiplayer network game for C64 was released!
Rogue Multiplayer is a roguelike game where all current players share one dungeon.
It supports RR-Net, FB-Net und 64NIC+.

It can also be played from a browser window.














Written by Protovision

A new C64 game with an entirely unique play style has been released (as download only) by Cogitare Computing. Each of the 12 (tricky!) levels of the game are completely different. There’s a trick to every level for you to figure out. We feel that Counterweight Kate is worth every bit of it’s small price of 1 dollar.

Written by Protovision

If you like games that step out of the norm, you might like MAH by Retream. MAH is the first game to be published in cooperation by RGCD and Protovision and will be available 2nd of march in both shops.

The Protovision version of MAH (disk version) comes with quick reference cards instead of a manual and is the 3rd game to feature our new cardboard box.

Watch the videos at the end of the page to fully compare the RGCD and Protovision versions of the game:

Written by Protovision

Bear was out for a long time. The last pack of Bears got kidnapped by customs, but a new shiny package has arrived and Bear is finally available again in its search for apples for the winter.

Written by Protovision

The annual Reset64 4KB ‘Craptastic’ Game Competition by Reset Magazine has started. The rules and how to sign up have been published on The Australian Retro Gamer E-Zine page AUSRETROGAMER.

Written by Protovision

Two great new games are now available from Psytronik for preordering, however the digital version of the games are supplied directly.

Steel Ranger is Covert BitOps‘ new shooting action game. As usual with CO, it comes with a well scripted storyline and cunning game design.


Pains’n’Aches is a sequel to Knight’n’Grail and also feels similar in gameplay. It has a minimalistic style and is story driven as well.


Written by Protovision

The disk, cartridge and tape versions of the C64 shooter Galencia can now be ordered
to earthly destinations.

This is also the debut of our new cardboard box and we’re anxious to read your reviews and comments about the package.

The first boxes already arrived at various destinations around the world!

We are more than happy that those who received their package are very, very pleased.
See the first photos and comments about Galencia and the full package on our Twitter account and order Galencia from our Shop.

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