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It’s been magically out of stock short after release but is back in store now: Out anniversary edition of the good old platformer It’s Magic 2 is available again! Go here!

Written by Protovision

Hol Dir Hunter’s Moon Remastered von Thalamus in der Deluxe-Edition inkl. coolem Boxschuber.  Jetzt im Protovision Shop – nur so lange der Vorrat reicht! Hier kaufen

Written by Protovision

Grab yourself a copy of Hunter’s Moon Remastered from Thalamus complete with a luxurious outer sleeve. Available now from the Protovision Shop while stocks last! Buy here

Written by Protovision

The Pond/Poly.Play C64 games Rescuing Orc and The Bear Essentials are available again from the Protovision Shop!

Rescuing Orc Collector’s Edition

The Bear Essentials Collector’s Edition

Written by Protovision

Space Moguls (who also made the game Space Moguls) have released a free game called Nono Pixie including an interesting blog post on its making. More here

Written by Protovision

All editions of Sam’s Journey and Galencia are back in stock! This includes the cartridge edition of Sam’s Journey – it is now available again from our online shop.  Buy here

Written by Protovision

Our platformer from 2001 is finally available on cartridge and nicely boxed! Additionally, you can get the soundtrack to both It’s Magic I and II on CD and there’s even a 3D miniature of the main character Tom in the box. The cartridge version includes a few updates, e.g. jumping via fire button (optionally). Buy here

PS: If you also want to buy a Sam’s Journey cartridge, you should wait with your order as Sam will be fully available again within the next days.

Written by Protovision

Our patrons should already hold it in their hands: The gold variant of the It’s Magic 2 cartridge that is exclusive and
strictly limited and only available to our patrons! If you don’t want to miss these editions in the future, support us on our Patreon page.

Written by Protovision

Jon Woods in collaboration with Protovision presents on Kickstarter. The game features a combination of air and ground combat and comes with a few tech features rarely seen in C64 games, including halftone graphics a horizontal plus vertical parallax.
Jon still needs a bunch of backers to make this game a reality – so join in NOW! Click here

Written by Protovision

The RGCD 16K Version of the Shoot’em Up Neutron by Protovision member Sarah Jane Avory is now available from The game can be downloaded from Sarah’s page for a „pay what you want“ price. An extended 512k cartridge version is planned for the future and would then also become a boxed Protovision release.

Neutron at Protovision

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