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The Camp Caravan Edition

The Camp
- moor rooms, moor riddles... and even more tea!

How many liters fit into the water barrel?
What is the weight of all co-workers together?
Who died in the sawmill?
And when does the pool open?

All these questions are nothing compared to the two that run in your head while you wake up alone in a dark hut: How did you get here?

And most importantly - where are your friends?

Now you can show what you have on the pan, Dude!
Now you know: All these outdoor games and excursions in the recent years only prepared you for today!

The truth lurks somewhere out there for you.
And that’s not funny, because the truth rarely is.

Get ready for the adventure of your life - because if you thought you knew everything about this summer camp, the village, the camp ground and its closet, then fasten your seat belts!

Because playing imitates life. And life is all about solving problems.

Welcome to the CAMP!

Minimum system requirements:
C64 or C128 in C64 mode, 1541/1571 Floppy.

Also compatible with:
1541 Ultimate, Micromys

The Camp is a text adventure satire in "Found Footage/Grindhouse" style for the Commodore C64. It is based on an actual, existing tent camp which has taken place (accompanied by Mac of TUGCS) for the last 50 years.


Boar House Tend Village

Distribution: Protovision
Story & gfx: Mac of TUGCS
Gfx improvements: Jak T Rip
Title graphic & box design: rexbeng
Beer coaster, toilet paper, production: Jak T Rip
Music & SFX (ingame): SIDWAVE
Music & SFX (intro): onebitman
D42 Editor: Stephan Lesch & Tobias Erbsland
D42 Customization: Stephan Lesch
Intro Linking: Henning
Beta Testing: DoReCo attendents, therealhellcat
Moral Support: God, Ina
50 years of camping: all camp staff

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